Anjali Mehra

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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Player: Mahesh Mohan
Storyteller: Stacie Keipinger

Character Information

Name: Anjali Mehra

Clan: Toreador

Title: Lesser Harpy, Primogen of Clan Toreador

Notable Traits: Personal Masquerade, Whisper of Life, Fame 2. Tattoos cover both arms, as well as in places on her back and chest. There might be one or two adorning her ankles.



Loyal by Master Harpy Margareta Sasul

Courteous by Master Harpy Margareta Sasul

Noble as Primogen of Clan Toreador

Loyal by Prince Dravon

Courageous by Prince Padre



  • There's a reason why she's always quiet and watching; she's secretly relaying information back to her former domitor.
  • She was seen getting awfully chummy with the Independents in Sioux Falls. Maybe she sympathizes with the Independents rather than with the Tower.

Allies, Friends, Etc.

Isabella Rossellini

Kleio Astraia

Jared Wynters

Ramon De Avendano De La Maza

Yazmin Shemedi


  • "Anjali? Sweet girl, but .... you've heard that saying, 'A picture is worth a thousand words.' So, given all her tattoos, she must have a lot to say. I just wish she would actually well ... say it." - Hairy Mary
  • "Perhaps." -Susanna
  • "It would seem this rose grows in a different garden. I can't help but wonder why..." - Josephine Blanc
  • "Just climb up behind me and hold my waist" - Lyra felt a slight thrill, feeling the warmth and accelerated heartbeat of the passenger gripping on tightly, perhaps for dear life.
  • "As beautiful as the tattoos she produces. Definitely the best acquisition from my time in Sioux Falls." Isabella Rossellini
  • "If the three from last night weren't enough I can pay more later" - Lydia Brooks
  • "Given the company she keeps, there is little doubt that manure is fine fertilizer for the growth of a rose." Rand Ryan
  • "Anjali is a darling girl, and I am forever pleased that she chose paradise for her home." - Orenna
  • "Anjali holds a wealth of promise, despite my family's thoughts at the moment." - Kleio Astraia
  • "Anjali was a quick learner to articulate the intricacies of Coptic, I look forward to exchanging native tongues with her." - Ramon De Avendano De La Maza
  • "... I ... she is ... I don't have the words. ... I can say she brings the best mix of art and athletic ability I could ever imagine." - DC
  • "Her tattoos are memorable and beautiful in in that alone she is worthy of the title artist. But sweet Christ on a catfish, how that woman can dance.. It was a privilege to play for her and maybe I'll have the chance to do so again sometime." - Malcolm Donovan
  • "MMmmmmmmmm....." - Mac_The_Mouth
Anjali Mehra


Bad Blood

OOC Information

Player: Mahesh Mohan

MES Number: US2014110015

Location: NYC