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Shadows Of Ankeny

History Of Ankeny

1903- Cyrus through his influence creates the town of Ankeny using his human retainers including founding father John Fletcher Ankeny. He moves the base of his fealty chain to Ankeny and forms his Princedom.

1930- Cyrus declares war on a pack of Werewolves who destroyed one of his childer while he was out feeding. This garners him the title “The Silver King” amongst the Invictus and those inside his princedom.

1931- With the help of his fealty chain Cyrus “The Silver King” goes out to destroy the last of the Werewolves in his Princedom. Cyrus never returns from this battle nor does any of those that went with him. Those that were his childer could still feel him and those that had sworn life long bonds did not feel such bonds break upon Cyrus’s demise. This leaves the population to believe their once beloved Prince Cyrus “The Silver King” to still live. They wait one year and then all hell breaks loose.

1932- A faction of the Invictus in the city lead by Castiel Longcroft attempt to hold onto the praxis of Ankeny “Dubbed by the Iowan Princes as Middle Iowa”. A small faction of Invictus who were not apart of the fealty chain of Cyrus rise up with the Carthians in hopes of taking control of the city in Monomancy. This starts the 8 year war.

1932 - 1940 - The war between those still loyal to Cyrus Longcroft “The Silver King” and those that sought to take praxis from a prince who has neglected his court for over a year dubbing them. This was a long war between The Loyalists and The Breakers. The then leader of the Breakers dubbing him the revolutionary Prince was Micheal Carpenter “Venture, Carthian”. The war lasted over eight years and had several sub breaks in Covenants because of it. To improve his forces Castiel called in a small group of Thorned Wreath to assist him. Lucrezia Le Jumel answered his call traveling with her childer Ximena Gattono as second in command and two more soldiers to Ankeny to assist in their efforts.

  • The Invictus split 80/20 with the 20% who were not loyal to Cyrus’s fealty chain attempting to garner power through the praxis seizure.
  • The Lancea Sanctum split 70/30. The Iblic Creed attempted to forcibly conform the rest of the Lancea Sanctum in the praxis seizure in one clean sweep. The minority of that time “The other 30%” sided with the Carthian praxis or be forcefully converted. The rest either became Iblic or fled. Some were force converted through the use of Boons.
  • The Carthains were only a 90/10 split. The 10% who sided with the invictus only did such because they owed too many boons to be able to side with the Carthian. The leader of this minority Bobby Madison stayed the peoples harpy as a gesture of goodwill and also in hopes to promote a peace talks in the future to prevent more deaths of his Cathian Brothers.
  • The Crone were a 70/30 split.. This was mostly due to tensions within the factions of the Crone at the time. 70% followed the leader of the Crone The Red Witch and her Dark Mother “Morgan Le Fay”. The Red Witch saw this praxis seizure as a sort of house cleaning. She called that those that do not believe in the Fay were to leave or be culled. The Red Witch said this was because of a “Vision” from the Dark Goddess herself... Several joined The Red Witch’s beliefs and the rest fled to be able to worship what dark goddess they deemed fit.
  • The Dragons split 50/50 during the war.. It is unknown to any outside the Ordo Dracul why this happened.. Also to note on Ordo Dracul were seen attacking each other in the scuffs between factions during the 8 year praxis seizure.

1934 - Micheal Carpenter dies in a surprise raid by a group of Loyalists after leaving an Elysium. Castiel defends the attack as that the praxis was in contention The Breakers could not formally establish and Elysium. Micheal is made a martyr by the Carthians and Every October they hold one gather in honor of his sacrifice. Tony “The Greek” Massoni steps up as new challenger for Prince “Daeva, Carthian”

1935 - The war starts to go badly for The Breaker’s faction. After suffering several heavy losses and even the loss of the new contender Tony “The Greek” Massoni. During the darkest moments of the war the Iblic Creed declares creed unification. The rest of the Lancea forced with the decision of leaving their Creeds in exchange for the Iblic Creed or exile choose to side with The Breakers. 30% of the Lancea are welcomed into Cathian arms of protection on April 3rd deemed by the Lancea as The Night of Revelation.

Also on the same night the Crone do a similar attempt at Unification of faiths amongst the Crone. This is done on behalf of a great vision given to the Hierophant and Father The Scarlet Witch. She claims to see a division amongst the faith will destroy them. This is known to the Crone as The Night of Visions. The crone split 70/ 30 with 30% staying with The Scarlet Witch and the rest joining the Carthians.

With their ranks bolstered The Breakers were able to mount an offensive against Castiel and The Loyalist’s pushing them back to Polk City.

1940 - The War of Praxis ends with a Draw.. Castiel and the temporary leader of the Carthians Victor Von’Arkem “V” come to an accord to split the praxis. The Breakers getting Ankeny and The Loyalists getting Polk City. Both prices swear a blood oath to never start the war again and respect each others boundaries... Old vengeance's may come and go but war will never be declared again as long as Castiel sits on the throne waiting for Cyrus his sire and lord to return.

1940- After the peace is declared the members of the new praxis come together and decide who will lead them.. That leader swears the renewed blood oath with Castiel. That leader is Damion Thornsbane.

1942 - Following the almost uncontained 8 year war construction of the Ankeny Munitions plant is completed in support of WWII. Behind the governments plans for a plant in Ankeny is a small sect of the government funding a hunter organization who used the munitions plant as a temporary base of operations. This serves as a base of operations for the rise of hunters within the domain. It is quickly put down by 1944 but by that point the word is out that vampires are in the area.

1946 - A group of Germanic Brood set up shop in the area and their leader Wolker.

1960 - First appearance of MOM and her abominations she calls Childer.

1980 - 1985 - Attacks by Brood and MOM consecutively throughout the year of 1980 draw the attention of major hunter factions again in the area. A joint venture by both Castiel and Damion which is quickly dubbed by The Breakers as “The Peoples Army” and by The Loyalists as “The Necessity”. Together both Princes are able to drive back the threat of the Hunters, The Brood, and the abominations of MOM. This conflict lasted 5 years and was known as “The Shadow War” because no humans had any idea it was happening due to both Princes enforcing the Masquerade.

2005 - Castiel is almost deposed by a group of Invictus within his ranks. Castiel then after defeating the praxis contenders bonds them both by boon and oath... Castiel then later that November makes a declaration during a non-Elysium “All Invictus that are loyal may join my fathers house or face my fathers judgement for this betrayal.. I call this by Boon and by Prince.. Join or fall forever.. “ Those that agreed out of loyalty were granted greater standing in the court and those Invictus that did not were either forced by the boons they owed to join Castiel’s fealty chain or leave via the princes wish’s... The Invictus of the Loyalists know this as “The Joining” and amongst the Breakers as “The Dictation of Silver”.

2013- 73 years of peace between the Praxis’ is celebrated on the second week of June. The Princes agree to create a 3rd Elysium on the border between their respective praxis’. The gather goes uninterrupted but out of this peace is born what is called “The Concord of Silver” which Cyrus once a year will open up his borders and allow a common Elysium to be shared so that those members of their respective Praxis may meet in peace.. The Prince of Ankeny agrees to do the same six months from the day that Cyrus makes his Elysium open.

Kindred Of Ankeny