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Locations Commonly Known to Awakened

The Praesidium Signum Lucidium

The Praesidium is a Shadow Manse spire the size of a highrise building in the shadow in the center of roughly two acres of land. Compared to the rest of the Shadow of Ankeny, the grounds of the Praesidium is a well-tended garden guarded by Sleepwalkers, Guardian Spirits and Adamantine Arrow mages. Multiple summoning circles dot the landscape along with a powerful Locus. From a bird’s eye view, the spire itself looks a bit like a four-pointed star on a green, pristine parcel of land. The shape itself isn’t a coincidence, each corner of the building is devoted to one of the Diamond Orders, with each having dominion over that area.

The Bastion

The Bastion serves the Adamantine Arrow as an armory, great hall of heroes, and small training center. While the vast majority of Arrow training does not place in the Bastion anymore, the final trials and initiations take place here.

The Argent Court

The Argent Court contains parlors for political debate and horsetrading, initiation space and a vast library devoted to the Lex Magica and related precedent. Well appointed in turn-of-the-century Victorian stylings with touches of art deco, this section of the Praesidium is perhaps the most lavish.

Delectus Eruditus

One of the greatest Athenaea in the United States, the Delectus contains works from thousands of authors across centuries of Awakened thought. Its Censorium is rumored to contain such blasphemous works that the Censor himself hesitates to set foot in its aisles. Rare amongst Athenaea, the Delectus even contains a Menagerie, housing Cryptids rare and fantastical, it is rumored to contain even a staked vampire and a werewolf imprisoned in a temporal bubble.

The Black Sepulcher

Though none but the Guardian initiates know for sure, rumors abound about what the Sepulcher contains. People cite second- and third-hand sources whispering of torture chambers, prisons, vaults filled with dangerous magics and other even less believable things. The only thing that is verifiable is none but Guardians who walk in ever walk out.

Daedaelus Center

The Daedaelus Center For Science And Technology or DC-SAT is a facility that contributes to scientific and technological advancement for Awakened and Sleeper alike. The Center runs on a mix of public grants and private donations and its Sleeper facilities are open to the public, while its Awakened facilities (and associated Lorehouse) are only restricted to those who behave themselves and do their best not to bother anyone else. Rumors that the Libertines insist are political attacks suggest that subversive and revolutionary talk abound in the workshops and laboratories of the Daedaelus Center.