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Anna Russell

Known to the Camarillia

NAME: Anastasia Victoria Russell


  • Deputy keeper of Elysium
    • Former Seneschal of Phoenix, AZ
    • Former Primogen of Phoenix


HOUSE House Asturia // Rumored connections to House Oviedo


  • HONORABLE by Justicar Valois
  • ACCLAIMED by Archon Steiner


BROODMATES: Kristian Vasa

About Anna Russell

RP CONCEPT: "A Well-behaved women seldom makes history."

The story is about a woman who was born into a century that denied her the ability to experience life. Now, as an immortal, Anna has sought to experience everything un-life has to offer; traveling, food, sensual pleasures, and shanagains. This approach to existence has earned Anna a well deserved reputation, as being both a trouble-getting-into Ancillae, and –strangely- as being a devoted and loyal member of the Ivory tower. The latter, being a reputation she earned during her travels; wherever Anna went, she provided assistance to anyone asking for help.

Anna is a zealot of living and experiencing everything. For a Ventrue, She is very laid back and is often mistaken for a toreador in most social situations. (ooc character inspiration-Raymond Reddington)

KNOWN FOR (Art Procurement)
She calls it 'Art Procurement', but the truth is that Anna is an art thief and a pick pocket. She has been hired, over the years, by prominent kindred to acquire objects from well secured galleries and sometimes kindred havens. (ooc character inspiration- Irene Adler)

KNOWN FOR (investigation)
The character is designed to be an investigator, useful for everything that comes before the combat.(ooc character inspiration-BBC Sherlock Holmes)

KNOWN FOR(Security consulting)
known for her talents in technology, Anna has been hired to provide Haven and domain security.

KNOWN FOR (mischief)
Anna is indeed talented. The downside to all that talent, is that if Anna is not doing something, she gets into boredom induced mischief. Please note, although she has a talent for finding trouble, she goes out of her way to make sure that her usefulness always outweighs the trouble she tends to get into.

KNOWN FOR (Romantic Liaisons)
Over the Last Century Anna has become well-known for her history of scandalous liaisons with a wide range of kindred.

Quotes About Anna Russell

  • "So very organized and neat and in control. She is another Ventrue whom I appreciate being around." — Rain
  • "It's not a rumor at all, nor is it scandal; she's a thief. She once stole an entire company out from under my thumb. The whole thing. That woman is ace and don't you forget it." — Troy Butcher
  • " Anna is much like tea. It is only when she’s in hot water that anyone finally realizes how strong she really is."" — Unknown
  • "let all see her as Verfeinert. As I am famous, I see Anna Russell as the epitome of sophistication and elegance." Matthias von Hagen
  • "It has been the standard in our society than when one who amused me as a neonate or ancilla finally is prepared to declare themselves an elder, I am bored with them. Time after time this has proven true, with a few rare gems. I suspect that, like in most her endeavors, Lady Anna will prove to be one of those gems. Just please, I beg, let her not be boring." - Viveka von Daun
  • "Ever since she left my service I have received such grievous and dire threats from her fiercely protective partisans, deeply concerned regarding whatever reaction their imagination had concocted for me. You may rest assured that she is in no danger from me. Personal is not the same as important. In any case, if I had any desire to see her to suffer I doubt I could devise a torture more fiendishly effective than to stand back and allow things to proceed exactly as they are." - Alistair FitzWilliam von Daun
  • "I have many Kindred who are my patrons, my mentors, my betters....but very few who are my friends. Anna is my friend, and that is something rare and beautiful in my world." - Raina Star
  • "Elder Seneschal Russell has certainly finally found and embraced, fiercely and tightly, her inner Ventrue. Mores the pity for her." - Alicia Vangelista
  • " sweet Anna...such beauty never comes without a price." - Bree
  • "Anna possesses a singular trait which distinguishes her from every other Kindred I have come to make the acquaintance of. The more you know about her, the longer you speak with her or interact with her, the greater the number of pieces of her puzzle that you hold...the more enigmatic yet intriguing she becomes to you." Julian Marcus Haldane
  • "Anna has a chameleon soul that burns with a fire for every experience. Those who have the privilege of knowing her, really and truly knowing her, are beyond blessed." - Maximillion Ulrich Von Bek
  • "She does a good job of keeping track of all that information coming in and going out. She also does a pretty good job of keeping things going when the prince is tied up in meetings (which is always), except when she's tied up in meetings too (which is only 'mostly' so that works out)." - Xavier Diamond
  • "Perhaps the singular work that most reminds me of our Anna is 'The Origin of Species.' Our little finch has risen above the rest to succeed with her unique talents among the commonalities of her clan. What is the point in harping on goodness when existence only wishes to promote those who are fundamentally better? In this, we are in total agreement." - Sofie Renner
  • "Seems to me that far too many of our kind spend their nights trying to outdo one another in a competition I like to call 'Who's Most Dour?' Miss Russell carries quite the heavy burden of responsibility but never plays that game. Every twinkle in her eye gleefully says, 'Let's go get into some trouble!' I like that. Puts a big ol' grin on my face too." — Roger Bennington
  • "She is one the best of us, every generation of Man has within it the seeds of greatness which the observant Ventrue can find and nurture to its full potential. She is the example of this, the Clan and the Tower are lucky to have her. She reminds me of me. It also doesn't hurt that her ass looks fabulous in a well tailored pantsuit, trust me... it matters." — Marcus Cornell
  • "Oh, look. Another scandal about a torrid affair, Must be a day ending in 'y'. " - Sebastien de Bourbon
  • "The things Anna asks me to do. Sometimes I wonder if she asks to see if I will ever say no. I wonder if that day will ever come." - [Gabriel Thorne
  • "Oh man, where do I start with Anna? She's... quite a character. She's strong as all hell, a damn good shot and a freaking amazing investigator. After seeing what she was willing to do when bullets and swords started flying, I don't think my impression of the woman could be higher." - [Leonardo "Leon" Finch]
  • "I am of the distinct impression that Miss Russel was not a fan of me... what a pity. The wrong foot is always so difficult to step off from. That being said, I do believe we have come to an understanding about the benefits of a good working relationship between Kindred." - Emmanuel Giovanni
  • "For all I've learned from her, for all that I owe her, and for all she has done for me, there is almost nothing I will not do in return for her. I would not be who I am tonight without her, for better or worse, and I would not change her influence in my life." - Isabelle Monroe
  • "Anna taught me how to stay out of trouble... and all the best ways to get into trouble at the same time. She is, all-around, a fantastic role-model. When I'm feeling in over my head (which is most of the time, these nights), I ask myself, 'What would Anna Russell do?'" - Kylie Landry
  • "She says she saved me from a world of trouble, I think she just wanted to take me under her wing and make sure I didn't upstage her. Either way, she's one hell of a good woman - glad to help her where I can and glad to have her around." - Nick Bennett
  • "Ah, Anna. I tried to cage a whirlwind.... and you just can't do that" - Madame Ponciliet

Quotes By Her


  • About Anarchs-
    • "The trouble with our Anarch friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so."
    • "If you have any trouble sounding condescending, find a Anarch to show you how it's done."
  • About Relationships -“You can never really know someone completely. That’s why it’s the most terrifying thing in the world, really—taking someone on faith, hoping they’ll take you on faith too. It’s such a precarious balance, It’s a wonder we do it at all. And yet...”
  • About Chess - "Don’t get me wrong I love strategy games. However chess must be the most elaborate waste of human intelligence I’ve ever been confronted with. It’s nothing more than the memorization of a bunch of pre-set moves that are determined by a short list of rules. True strategy is not found in a game of chess because the real world doesn’t have predetermined rules set. Opponents never play by your rules. If you want real test to your strategy skills, play chess while your opponent play a completely different game. Watch and learn. Figure out the rules they play by and then sort out the way to best them at their own game. That’s real world strategy and true test to ones mettle; playing chess while your opponent plays checkers. But the real test of ones mettle is to sort our a sort out a way to win, without compromising the rules by which you play."
  • About house Asturia -"Beati Qui Durant -Blessed are those who endure. It’s written on the coat of arms of house Oviedo. When I was younger I thought I understood … I didn’t. It took the vastness and experiences of a century before I realized what my sire was trying to explain. Not endured because we are blessed … but because we have endured, we need God’s blessing."
  • About Unlife -
    • "I want everything one more time. I want to be in Piazza del Campo in Siena and feel the surge as ten race horses go thundering by. I want another meal in Paris... I want another bottle of wine, and then another. I want the warmth of a man in a cool set of sheets; one more night of jazz at the Vanguard. I want to stand on summits and smoke cubans and feel alive for as long as I can. Walk on the Wall again, climb the Tower, ride the River, stare at the frescos. I want to seat in the garden and read one more good book... That's why I won't allow those punks out there to get the best of me, let alone the last of me."(ooc inspiration Raymond Reddington)
    • "I know not all that may be coming, but be it what it will, I'll go to it laughing."


  • Never call her by her title, she prefers 'Anna'
    • That is a dirty lie! She hates it when kindred do not use her proper address 'Elder Seneshal, Lady Russell.'
  • Anna is part of the Ventrue bloodline called Crusaders.
  • She has been nicknamed ‘Helen of Troy’
  • Anna is caught between elder Malkavians playing a machiavellian chess match, with her as their prize piece.
  • She calls herself a security consultant. That's the nice was to say she and breaks into havens, then blackmails the owner of the building to fix their security problems.
  • Anna is knight of the blood
  • She refers to her two childer as: "The Trouble Twins."
    • "The Trouble Twins." Felix and Vincent, are best known for selling all of Anna's wardrobe (yes all) in either an estate sale, or an auction in the 1940s.
  • Anna has a death wish. When it comes to protecting the Ivory Tower, she puts herself in the line of fire without any forethought. She's been grievously injured several times, and its never deterred her from returning to the front lines to defend her Prince's city. Some say she is bloodbound, others say its because she has nothing to live for.
  • Anna has a vast art collection, they are all forgeries.
  • Anna likes to take risks; fast cars, crazy stunts, getting into places she likely shouldn't be. Just for the thrill of the experience.
  • Anna has a well-known history for having scandalous liaisons with a wide range of kindred.
  • Is one of the primary hackers behind CAMnet.
  • She was once hired by Althea Bell-Hammon to un-steal a painting to a museum, because it was NOT a forgery.
  • She hates the color purple. When asked, she mutters something about snails.
  • Anna lies. Never trust her to keep her promises.
  • Anna was once a member of Alistair FitzWilliam von Daun's Compass Rose coterie, and betrayed them at the behest of a lover.
  • Anna is engaged in a political war with the prince of Phoenix, Julian Marcus Haldane. In 2014, rumors say that she was after this throne. When she failed at seizing his praxis, she turned around and blackmailed the prince. Whatever information she had, it was enough to secure the position of Seneschal. How else could a woman like her end up on a princes court?
  • Julian Marcus Haldane recently announced he engaged Anna. is this a political marriage to forge house alliances, or something far more personal?
    • 2016 Anna is no longer on the arm of the Prince at gatherings. What gives?
  • Nicknamed Maximillion Ulrich Von Bek "Uno" - refering to his one eye. He only tolerates the name and the woman because he owes her a very large boon.
  • To pay off a boon, in the late 1990’s she worked as car thief for Antonio Corleone, Gianni Corleone
  • Leon Finch was originally Anna's ghoul. He however didn't live up to expectations and was given away to a Brujah.
  • 2016 Rumors have it Anna is no longer Seneshal of phoenix. What gives?
    • She quit and is distancing herself from the Prince of phoenix.
    • He finally got the one up on her. Whatever she was blackmailing him with, she isn't any longer.
    • This is just a personal or political spat that has entered into the public realm. ... I hear they are not engaged anymore.

Friends and Foes

Alistair FitzWilliam Viveka Von Daun Althea Bell-Hammon Sofie Renner Maddock
The Venetian Matthias von Hagen Julian Haldane Constance Fournier Eirik Alexson
Alexander Konrad Alicia Vangelista Lucien Isabelle Monroe Luca Zelati Bianci
Maximillion Von Bek Rain Brigid Marcus Cornell Aramayis Eskandarian
Gianni Corleone Antonio Corleone Lilly Roger Bennington David Daniel Steiner
Benedict Verren Sebastien de Bourbon The Damaskinos Leon Finch Benedict Sebastien Cross

History known by Kindred Society

Before The Release- 1800-1901

  • 1901
    • Released from Accounting and formally introduced to her sire's house,House Oviedo. Now an official member of society, Anna chooses to part ways with her sire and remains in the United States.

Early Society: 1901-1910

  • 1901
    • Seeks residency in the DC domain and obtains acknowledgment by Alexander Konrad For a time Anna served under Konrad as his attache.
  • 1902
    • Works as an Attache for the elder -Luca Bianci
    • Acquires the Ghoul Leon Finch from the Brujah Andrew Barnes.
    • Is seen in the company of James Davis Wallace
  • 1903
    • Although an official resident of the DC domain, Anna frequently moves in and out of locations along the East coast. During this time she is seen with Eirik Alexson , helping him to push back the Sabbat incursions.
  • 1905
    • At a court gathering, she steals a small fortune from Viveka Von Daun “In my youth, I decided to steal a small fortune from around Viveka Von Daun's neck. It was perhaps the best and worst decision of my existence. For after that fateful event she proved to be a great deal of trouble for me and, in turn, I for her. But in truth, I’m pretty sure she enjoyed every minute of it.
    • Is seen in the company of the newly released Sebastien de Bourbon . The two of them have a knack for finding and getting into trouble.
  • 1910
    • Anna Abruptly leaves the east coast and her residency in the Dc domain, (see rumors). She starts traveling around the United States. Never again does she return to the Capital city, or settle down in another domain and call it home.
    • Parts ways with -Luca Bianci
    • Parts ways with Eirik Alexson
    • Parts ways with Leon Finch returning him to Andrew Barnes.

The long nights- Traveling United States: 1910 - 1913

  • 1910 -1913 -Traveling United States: Anna frequently travels, moving in and out of domains all over the United States. Rarely does she stay in any one place for more then a year. While traveling, Anna provides assistance to anyone who asks for her help; clan doesn't matter. ((SEEKING CONNECTIONS - I’m looking to make connections with characters Anna has helped with security issues –Domain or Personal level- Princes, Knights of the blood, Sabbat hunters, Infernalist hunters, other projects.)

International Traveling: Europe-United States 1913-1945

  • 1913 Europe
    • Traveling around Europe. Anna moves in and out of domains. Rarely does she stay in any one place for more then a few months.
    • Anna is frequently seen in the company of Sofie Renner
  • 1914 Spain
    • Appointed to the clan position of Lictor by Stratagoi Marcus Cornell - of Spain.
  • 1933-1937Western United States
    • Frequently travels, moving in and out of domains of the western United States, with her two childer, Vincent Archer /// Felix Micheal Hoffsteatter. The trio never stays in a domain for more then a few months. While traveling, Anna still provides assistance to anyone who asks for her help. ((SEEKING CONNECTIONS - I’m looking to make connections with Martial characters who dedicated time to hunting enemies of the Ivory tower - Knights of the blood, Sabbat hunters, Infernalist hunters, other martial characters.)
    • Frequently seen in the company of: Alistair FitzWilliam von Daun// Isabelle Monroe ///
    • 1935 On the battlefield, fighting against the Sabbat, she meets up withMaximillion Ulrich Von Bek and his coterie.
  • '1945
    • Anna steps down as a lictor and remains in United States.
    • Is frequently seen in the company of and travels with Roger Bennington

Traveling: Western United States 1913-1945

  • 1950-1955
    • Traveling- Western United States - Throughout this time-frame Anna frequently travels; she moves in and out of domains of the western United States, never staying for more then a few months. While traveling, Anna still provides assistance to anyone who asks for her help. However, her primary focus hunting down and killing Sabbat and infernalist.
    • Works with Elder Luca Bianci, using his study of mathematics to track and fight the Sabbat.
  • 1956
    • Anna's humanity hits rock bottom (humanity 2).Anna was never flat out cruel, her inhumanity was reflected in a loss of true human emotions. However Anna, ever the talented liar, was good at hiding that fact and with a friendly smile, she maintained the masquerade.
    • Anna disappears - Rumors circulate that she has been killed.


  • 1958-1960
    • Anna disappears- For the longest time rumor has it she had been killed.

Traveling and Shenanigans 1961-2010

  • 1961
    • Anna resurfaces in Dubai, seen in the company of Marcus Cornell . She makes frequent trips to visit him between 1961-1972
    • Anna's humanity is on the mend (humanity 3)
  • 2003-2005Europe


  • 2010 Phoenix
    • Phoenix goes dark- In October of 2010 the city of phoenix went silent. Almost overnight Anna suddenly resurfaces in Phoenix, part of a team that was created to go into Phoenix and find out what happened to the kindred in the city.
    • October -Anna, for the first time in a century, becomes a resident of a domain.
    • December -Anna becomes the Ventrue Primogen of phoenix.
    • January - Anna, uncharacteristically, becomes involved in a very public affair with Alistair FitzWilliam von Daun


    • Anna's humanity is on the mend (humanity 5)



    • Feb- Rumors Abound: Anna Russell is no longer Seneshal of Phoenix? Was she removed by the Prince? Did she quit? No one seems to have the answers ...

[OOC] Information

[OOC] Soundtrack

    • OOC information, but a good way to understand Anna's personality

[OOC] Seeking connections

    • OOC INFORMATION, used for making background connections. I’m always looking for a good story complication and ways to interweave my Character’s Storyline with others. So,just contact me, I’m always happy to work out connections with new or experienced players, .
  • Seeking Mentors (Master Thief// Computer hacker) – I’m looking for two different mentor figures for Anna. Both a master thief and a computer hacker. If this is a connection you would like, please let me know if you sought out Anna as your student or if your reputation is what brought her to you.
  • Seeking thieves and hackers –If your character has one of these talents, send me an email. When you do, let me know the following: Are our pc’s rivals? Peers? Or did we get into mischief together? Tell me the story of how we met up and how you would like our current interactions/relationship to be.
  • Ventrue Knights of the blood -I'm looking for connections with knights, between the years of 1880 - 1980.
  • Seeking Enemies (setites) - Anna absolutely hates setites. Would you like to be one of the reasons why she loathes them so?
  • Seeking kindred Anna has stolen from – Anna is a thief. I’m looking for ties and connections with people who Anna has stolen from. The more absurd the item stolen and the more complicated the story is, the better! I’m looking for crazy absurd stories and complicated adventures, which has resulted in our character having unique interactions in current day. (Frienemies, Friends, I’ll owe you boons in exchange for fun information, a fun rivalry, etc.) Examples of things Anna has stolen in the past (1820- current day) are: jewelry from around the neck of an heiress, digital information, family secrets, artwork, small pocket theft, corporations and companies, paintings, cargo, guns from a kindred cowboy. If you would like to work out this connection with me, send me the story of what Anna stole from you and how you see the story playing out. What are their current interactions like?
  • People she has helped – Anna has a myriad of skills and she has traveled around the country helping other domains with security. If you need someone to help you with a security problem (past or current) let me know what that problem was and how Anna could have helped.
  • War effort against the Sabbat – If you were working directly against the Sabbat then you likely ran into Anna who worked in (1910-1960) mostly in intelligence and information gathering
  • Shanagains- Although Anna is very useful for those she works for, she also has a has a knack for getting into boredom induced mischief. If you have some mischief you think Anna should be involved with or in send me a e-mail.
  • Seeking lovers – Anna is a courtesan and seeks out the attentions of those who have some form of power.
  • White-hat characters - to help (in background) with Anna's humanity loss.

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Phoenix, AZ
Player: Courtney B
Storyteller: DMH Masquerade VST