Annabel Blair

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General Information

Annabel blair.jpeg

Name: Annabel Blair

Aliases: Anna

Tribe: Wolfblooded, Traveller Family

Age: 29

Location of Origin: England

Current Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Notable Traits: Annabel is a stubborn, diplomatic woman with an uncanny ability to charm and speak reasonably to almost anyone she interacts with. She has recently lost an eye, and her right leg is lamed. Despite the scarring on her face, she is a stunning young woman, and known to be active in politics and the local government.

Important Events

Work in Progress


Allies, Acquaintances, and Enemies


  • "She was a very nice person to talk to, I hope someday, I will get to chat with her again." - Shy-Ram


Known Abilities

OOC Information

Player: Kaylan L
Location: AZ-010-D