Annabell Loumer

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"From Lineage, Strength", Family motto of the Bakescu lineage

Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Boise, ID
Player: Summer P.
Storyteller: Ben D.
Brujah Symbol.png
Crest Bak SM.png

Notable Traits

  • Typically dresses like a 1920s dancing girl
  • Carries an ornate wooden parasol
  • Often seen eating candy


  • Confirmed as an Ancilla (Abiding)
  • Authority as Prince (Abiding)
  • Commander as Prince (Abiding)
  • Sovereign as Prince (Abiding)
  • Honorable by word of Jeska Deltish, Prince of Tri-Cities, Wa (Fleeting)
  • Courageous by word of Elder Prince Dravon von Jaeger of New Orleans (Fleeting)



Information Known by Kindred Society

Annabell Loumer is a Brujah of mystery and whimsy. She has been silent in Kindred society for many years. Many wonder just what her age and lineage truly are, but she far prefers to simply be underestimated. Most Kindred oblige. Her views and opinions on a great many important subjects have been called into question since her sudden rise in politics, but very few of those questions have been answered, leading most Kindred to assume those answers.




  • Unknown


  • Unknown



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  • 1900 – 1922: Purported to have grown up on a plantation somewhere in the South, living a life of luxury until her family sent her to Europe for more proper education
  • 1922: Known to have been Embraced, but the indentity of her sire has never been revealed
  • 1984: First met Raven at Madison Square Garden during a Motley Crue concert
  • 2013: Moves to Boise, silently establishing herself
  • 2015: Embraced Tristessa in Boise


  • Her sire is unknown, but due to the nature of her relationship with the Bakescu, some say it is Laszlo Bako himself.
  • Others say she was merely adopted by the Bakescu, claiming she once presented herself as Tremere in French courts a century ago.
  • There is a Blood Bond between her and Raven.
  • Know a rumor? Add it!

In the Words of Others

  • "She is my friend, my lover, my Prince. Don't fuck with her - I'll be the least of your worries." Raven
  • "Your quote here."You

Allies, Enemies, & Associates

Known Associates

- Boise -

- Elsewhere -

Known Enemies

- Boise -

  • Mhotep of Clan Setite, former Harpy of Boise

- Elsewhere -

OOC Information

Player: Summer Prince

Location: Boise, ID