Annaleise Beckett

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Changeling PC

Player: Charlyne L
Character: Annaleise Beckett
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Weisse Frau
Court: Spring (2)
VST: Andrew Logan

Character Information

Name: Annaleise Beckett

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Weisse Frau

Court: Spring (2)


Annaleise beckett.jpg

Notable Traits:

  • Striking Looks (2)
  • New Identity (2)
  • Is always carrying books
  • Has a habit of unintentionally treating others like misbehaving children


A bit taller than average and thin, she has light blonde hair that falls past her shoulders and blue eyes, she has a pale complexion and is pretty enough that it can sometimes be an issue with high school boys.


Her height and thinness exaggerated, Annaleise has pointed, elfin ears and hip-length, flowing white hair. Her face is ageless, beautiful, and her pale blue eyes seem to glow.


The delicate scent of apple blossoms surrounds her and her skin seems to have an inner glow of health and vibrance.

Known Information

Taken as a college Freshman, Annaleise attracted the attention of The Performer while reading fairytales to children every week at the library. Her voice was beautiful, melodic and the Keeper found in enthralling. She escaped in 2004, returning to the real world to find a Fetch living her life. She'd been gone 15 years but her face hadn't aged since being taken, making her still recognizable to her family and friends. She left the area to avoid being recognized and potentially put her family in danger.

Refusing to let the Gentry win, Annaleise took back her life by returning to college and earning her Master's in Comparative Studies, majoring in Comparative Literature and minoring in Folklore. She also got her teaching certificate in order to become a high school teacher.

Currently living in Fort Myers, FL, Annaleise works as a high school English teacher at Mariner High School. Her curriculum often focuses on the old stories, such as Grimm's Fairytales and Hans Christian Andersen. Stories that touch on the true horror of the Others. While she knows that reading those stories may bring the attention of her former Keeper back onto her, she is determined to warn the children of the dangers of the Fae and to keep as many of them out of their hands as possible. She has regained her life and refuses to hide or cower, living it to the fullest while protecting as many children as she can from a similar fate as her own.

Known Associates

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Feel free to add!

  • "Language! Oh, oops, sorry, forgot I wasn't in class!" - pretty much anytime someone curses
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OOC Information

Player: Charlyne L

MES Number: US2007059972

Location: FL-046-D, Fort Myers, FL