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Name: Annamarie Giovanni
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent
Notable Traits:
OOC Mechanics:

History and Timeline

Born Constance Marie Annabelle Giovanni-Cardinali on October 15, 1928 to Allegra Giovanni and Antonio Cardinali. Her father was a gambler and owed the Family money. When he couldn’t pay, they came and beat it out of him in front of her mom and sister. Her father knew he married up and spoiled his wife and daughters with lavish gifts and the best educations for his girls. Annamarie was a belligerent and disrespectful brat, getting involved with boys, drinking, and the local Giovanni underground. She was arrested twice for her involvement in robberies but thanks to the watchful eye of The Family, no charges were pressed.

Solomon and Annamarie's Wedding.jpg

After graduating high school in 1947 she married Solomon St. John, but he was out of the house for most of the relationship. The family matchmaker selected Annamarie Giovanni and Solomon St. John to unite after a month of deliberation between the families, the arrangement would include Annamarie keeping her Giovanni last name, with Solomon keeping all of his assets upon ghouling, or embrace. This was agreeable at last, and they were wed in an respectable ceremony privately held in Venice. The newlyweds had never met until the night of the wedding, both were very nervous they would be stuck with someone who looked like a troll, or other undesirable traits. They were both pleasantly surprised. They didn't get along at first, their temperaments seemed incompatible, he was too conservative for her, and she was too chaotic for him, but after the children started being born, they became fond of each other, and even fell in love, with mutual respect that each of them have a particular calling and method. They both acknowledged that their relationship was predominantly their family duty.

Annamarie went to law school in Camden, NJ. Solomon didn’t help her with her education, and left her to raise the children, with a nanny. She consistently scored in the lower third of her class until Ewan Dunsirn took interest in her education and redirected her. He lavished her with letters and gifts; rewarding her for good grades, and withdrew his support and attention, effectively punishing her, when she did not perform well.

After her husband was embraced by Carmina Giovanni, he departed, so she decided to move to California with the children Aleister (b. 1948) and Antonia(b. 1950), and worked for a family lawyer who later became abusive to her. Sybil Giovanni discovered Annamarie’s talents and decided they would be a welcome addition to the family, not to mention that Annamarie had previously been selected for Embrace by the family. When Sybil discovered the lawyer was abusive, she drank him dry.

Annamarie was embraced in 1958, and her children and their nanny were sent to Solomon’s sister’s Margaret to live. (She is a ghoul)

In 1960 she went to New Orleans where she met Tito Milliner, and they developed a fling together. When that fling dissolved, she moved to Detroit and had a fling with Salvatore Giovanni. When that relationship dissolved, she went back to New Orleans and had a fling with Pietro, to get back at Carmina Giovanni.

She moved to California in 1989, and assisted Sybil in her endeavors. In 2013 she is encouraged to move to Los Angeles, and begins her own life there.



Great x7 Grandsire: Cappadocious †
Great x6 Grandsire: Japheth Cappadocious †
Great x5 Grandsire: Constancia †
Great x4 Grandsire: Ambrogino Giovanni
Great x3 Grandsire: Lucretia Giovanni
Great x2 Grandsire: Agostino Giovanni
Great Grandsire: Ignatius Giovanni
Grandsire: Guiseppe Giovanni †
Sire: Sybil Giovanni
Sibling: Frankie Giovanni



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  • "Bring me the name of the person who killed my husband Mr. Harpy. I don't care what it costs, I will pay it, just bring me the name of that monster so I can share with them the pain I am feeling now."
  • "You don't seem to understand, my business is my business, if you can't get that through your skull maybe you'd like to speak with the Family communications expert, Angelo."

  • "There is a wide range of emotions one might feel when watching a train wreck; fear, pity, scorn, disgust. I don't feel these things. Instead, I think the whole process is beautiful." - Angelo
  • "Alright, alright, I admit it... she broke my heart when I was still young and very naive." - Salvatore Giovanni
  • What can I say, Annamarie and I did our duty to the family, what she does now is for herself. - Solomon St. John
  • "Oh, Annamarie. So few, in my existence, have been as good at simply finding trouble - the fun kind, of course. I do miss our nights of painting the town red. And no, you idiot...that's a figure of speech. But then again...there was that one time, in the French Quarter..." - Vitalia Giovanni
  • "My baby girl is an inspiration to us all. She's a fuckin' hard-hitting, dangerous cunt, and she puts up with more than you cads could ever know. It's tough to be a lady in this Family, so my girl just stopped tryin' and decided to be her goddamn self instead." - Sybil Giovanni
  • "Annamarie? Her reputation precedes her. Every story I hear involving her never goes well. Always in trouble, that one. And unfortunately, I don't see that changing any time soon." - Gregori Giovanni
  • "An interesting woman and definitely savvy. Unfortunately, I've had but the briefest of contacts with her." - Brenna Dunsirn
  • "I have found her to be as capable as she is charming. I have come to trust that she will deliver when she agrees to a task." - Cenotaph
  • "She was so nice and lively for a Kindred." - Harper Gray
  • "She apparently has said I was...what was that word? Oh yes, a bitch. I am my Sire's reflection, I dare her to call him that to his face. OR call me that to his face." - The Wraith of Venice
  • "Such an interesting woman. A beacon of joy one moment, and a well of despair the next. I'm afraid I'm done something that terribly upsets her, but I can't imagine what." - Rafael Hernandez
  • "Annamarie, my lovely lass, let's go make someone cry." - Brigit
  • "Annamarie has the fire and passion that makes us besties. The best party crasher ever!" - Gabriel Thorne
  • "I hold a great fondness for Annamarie. She is my sister in a way. So yes, if she asked I would snap someone in half for her." - Valerius Orsino Giovanni
  • "It takes a special kind of Giovanni woman to survive with us all and Annamarie is an example to all on what it takes, strength, tenacity, opinions, and cunning skill. Dal frutto si conosce l'albero."-Sebastiano Vincenzo Chesare Giovanni
  • "Nope, never heard of her. Kidding! We have some delightfully wicked history, and an even more mutually profitable future if I have anything to say about it, which I always do."-Gracciano Giovanni
  • "I still don't get it. She says her name is Donna Anna Marie Giovanni. I knew people with lots of name from the South but I didn't think the Italians did that often anymore. Anyway, she's a pretty mouthy lass. I think we'd get along better if she spoke English." - Finn O'Dwyer
  • "Hey Huckleberry, we got a game to finish. No family to get in the way next time." - Johnny Rocket

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent
City: Los Angeles, CA
Player: Liz Jackson
Storyteller: [mailto: Darold Morris]

Player Name: Liz Jackson
MES Number:
Location: Los Angeles, CA

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