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Anastasia Belitrov, PhD.

Accord PC

Player: Original Beth
Creature Type: Rajanya
Division: None
City: Portland, OR

The mildest, drowsiest sister has been know to turn tiger if her sibling is in trouble.

Character Information


Name: Anastasia Belitrov, PhD.

Nicknames: Annie, Sasha, Ana

Creature Type: "I'm a Lit Professor, and you?"

Notable Traits: Striking Looks <4>, Animal Magnetism, Inspiring, Seductive Grace, Predator's Bearing, Powerful Build, Sweet-Voiced Fiend, Sexual Dimorphism

Title: Dr. Belitrov, Professor Belitrov

Position: Dean of the Honors College at Portland State University


Human Skin: Annie is a head turner. She's tall and curvy, with the broad shoulders and strong build of the Rajanya. Her dark hair is chopped to her chin, and glasses sit over large brown eyes. She's usually dressed in whatever is comfortable at the time, and the blending of her Slavic and Indian heritage has made her able to blend in just about any place in the US. Her sweet personality, and bookish nature lends that 'girl next door' draw to an already stunning beauty.

War-Beast: There is nothing quite so terrifying a Rajanya War Form. In this form Annie towers at just shy of ten feet tall with six inch claws, and nearly a 1,000lbs of muscle and fury wrapped in a golden-brown and white fur. In this form, like most Rajanya she radiates a soft golden light, and her eyes sparkle with the promise of death.

Primal-Beast: In primal form Annie is a 800 pound golden bengal tiger. She is larger, and more perfect, than any standard tiger. (Magnificence, Extraordinary Speciman)


Annie 6.jpg

Anastasia Belitrov was born in Mumbai, India. Taken from her mother at birth she was moved to Belarus. A couple of years later she was graced with a younger brother. She and her brother were raised in Belarus until Annie was fifteen, and they were relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. She attended private schools, and excelled in all areas of academia. A gifted student, Anastasia graduated high school at sixteen. She moved on to attend college in Arizona.

  • Born on July 27th, 1981
  • Graduated H/S in Paradise Valley, AZ in 1997
  • Attended ASU for her BFA Creative Writing - Graduated in 2001
  • Met her husband Xander Belitrov in 2003, they married in 2004.
  • Attended Portland State University for her MFA Creative Writing - Poetry - Graduated in 2004
  • Attended Duke University for her PhD in Literature. - Graduated with honors in 2008
  • Moved back to Portland after completing her PhD to take over as Dean of the Honors College at Portland State University.
  • Dean of the Honors College at Portland State University - Since 2010


  • They were separated from 2004-2007, seeing each other infrequently
  • In 2007 he moved out to Duke to live with her while she wrapped up her Doctorate.
  • In 2009 after a fight between the two of them, Annie lost control and went through her first change, when she came to, Xander was dying via bleeding out from her claws and bites in her war form. This caused Xander to go through his change into a Geist.
  • The two are still married, pretty happily. Living in Portland.

The Protectorate

  • Nazar Belitrov - "I tried to get Otets to take him back when he was born, but he said no, and Baba yelled at me. In hindsight, I'm rather glad he didn't. My life would have been so much more lonely without a little brother."
  • Xander Belitrov - The love of my life, and all that I ever need in a mate.
  • Lilith - We all have need of a friend, she is that and more.


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  • "I will make anyone who messes with my sister wish they were dead. Don't mess with my family, even if she teases me about thumbs." - Nazar Belitrov
  • "You know, I kinda feel like I broke my vows. I did swear until death do us part, but that didn't seem to stop us. Good thing we didn't do a prenup." - Xander Belitrov
  • "I suppose I should be more cautious about liaisons with strangers in the middle of the woods. You never know who might join the Accord." - Lilith
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Russian Mafia
  • She's part of the Russian Mafia
  • She's teamed up with her brother to take down the structural integrity of the CUT
  • She's not nearly as sweet as she comes off.
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OOC Information

Tiger Form

Player: Original Beth

Location: Columbus GA