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“Here I rule. Here I shall stay. And, you, dear guest, here you too shall stay, for a very long time.”
“My turf. My rules.”


The Annunaku are a bloodline of territory obsessed Kindred whose origin vanishes into the mists of ancient history. In the past, those kindred were dwelling in isolated rural fiefdoms, lording over terrified mortal tenants and prone to loosing themselves in their role as spirits of the land. Today, some modern Annunaku dwell in cities like other kindred, but even they have not lost any of the same drive to possess and master a territory. Annunaku develop mastery over their domains in a way that puts even the most territorially obsessed kindred to shame through their use of Tenure. Tenure gives a vampire an uncanny awarness of his mystically-bonded haven, or Demesne. Users of Tenure are known as Landlords. Legends tell of ancient Landlords who called down storms on their land to drive away invaders.

Bloodline Disciplines: Animalism, Resilience, Protean, Tenure

Nickname: Landlords

Source: Invictus, pg 159


Suffer penalties to all rolls whenever outside of their controlled dominion; these penalties can be partially alleviated by being in familiar places or with familiar people. As such, most Landlords appear uneasy when outside of their demanse. Living with absolute control over one's surroundings can leave you a little unnerved without it.

History and Culture:

One of the more ancient bloodlines still around today, much of the Annunaku's history has been lost to the fog of ages. Most members claim that their blood originated in ancient the Sumerian Empire where the first of their lineage ruled large swaths of land and people. Many holds this as a truth since the very name of the Bloodline is a variation of the Sumerian entities known as Annunaki. What is known for sure though is that you never want to tangle with an Annunaku on his home turf.

Annunaku culture is, like their Invictus patrons, very insular. Landlords can go decades without leaving their personal domains which limits their access to potential childer. As such, most Annunaku childer have been groomed into their noble lineage rather than embraced off the street. This coupled with many Annunaku's desire to record their own personal history means almost every member of the bloodline has a clear and distinct lineage. Among the Invictus, Annunaku are very likely to form Dynastic houses, keeping family lands strictly under the control of a sire and his brood for centuries.

OOC: Annunaku inception date: 3500 BCE



Known Members

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