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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Changeling PC

Player: Bonnie Cambrin
MES Number: CA2012120101 Character: Anonymous "Ann Ominous"
Seeming: [Unknown]
Kith: [Unknown]
Court: Winter Court
Freehold: Terminal City Redoubt
VST: Nova Albion

Character Information



Name: Anonymous "Ann Ominous"

Seeming: Unknown

Kith: Unknown

Court: Winter Mantle 1

Notable Traits: When visiting in mass gatherings of changelings, she is only identifiable by her white clothes, white mask, and white wig. Her voice is the most distinct part about her, when she speaks, everyone seems enraptured or distracted by the sound of her sultry voice. (Siren Song)

Durance: Ann would find suitable humans, easily lured or coerced into following, and lead them into the hedge to a sacred glade. There, a crystal clear pool of water would wait. Ann would lead them into the pool and there they would disappear, never to surface again.

Character Summary: Ann is everyone, and she is no one. Among mortals she is the epitome of “Anonymous”. She doesn’t stand out, she is just another face in the crowd. Among her own kind though and within the hedge, she dons a disguise of all white to symbolize herself as a “blank canvas”, or changes her appearance from one Kith to another every hour of the day. She lets her experiences and actions define who she is, and only then when she has a true identity and a purpose will she remove her mask and drop all her disguises and let the world see what she truly looks like.

Public Knowledge: Ann is a mystery, even unto herself. She has amnesia and claims that she remembers nothing about being human, and is slowly trying to rediscover what it means to be human and the realism of humanity. All that’s really known is she is of the Winter Court, freshly awoke from the thorns in May 2013, and that she keeps herself disguised at all times, including what Kith and Seeming she is, as well as disguising her Mask with wigs, prosthetics, contact lenses, and makeup. But when she talks, others are inclined to listen, and her voice is usually her tell when it comes to determining if it’s her or not.

Ann's Theme Songs/Songs she likes to sing

Let it Go - Idina Menzel Ann's choice song for representing her transformation
Castle of Glass - Linkin Park
My Immortal - Evanescence
My December - Linkin Park Sung in honor of Winter
Somewhere to Belong - Linkin Park
Fallen - Sarah Mclachlan Sung as Reminder to all that we all fall sometimes
Iris - Goo Goo Dolls Sung in honor of her best friend Copper
Try - P!nk Sung to honor and remind Spring
When I'm Gone - 3 Doors Down Sung in honor of her mentor Ted
Little Wonders - Rob Thomas Sung in honor of Changelings...everywhere...
Only Time - Enya


Crystal Frost
Silas Venture

Songs Written by Ann

And then I wake up ........
To look beyond the eyes of my disguise
Is a boy still there
Throwing rocks among the rivers of the wise.

And the castles ......
They shimmer in a memory of a dream
Windows shine with gold
In reflection of the fires of gasoline

And the children........
Will their innocence fade from blue to gray
Will they save us all.....
Or walk behind the walls that we have made

So I stand here......
Defined by all the cards that I have played.
And I ask myself ......
If they were different
Would I end up just the same

"Nightmare Plague"
Through the halls
In the walls
I run and try to find you
You call my name
Or so you claim
My memory fails me too

My feet don't move
I try to soothe
The sadness I feel inside me.
I reach the door
You are no more
I wish I could not see.

Please, please, leave me be.
Begone these nightmares that plague me
I'm afraid to know
Afraid to show
The truth that could define me

You're in my head
I lay in bed
And cry sweet tears of longing
I hear your call
I feel the fall
While the sun is dawning.

I wake too fast
Please let it last
The feeling of being loved
Were you a dream
Or more than you seem
From reality I am shoved

Please, please, leave me be
Begone these nightmares that plague me
I'm afraid to know
Afraid to show
The truth that could define me

Is it true?
You love me too?
Each other, we know not
Am I your mother
To be with each other
There's more to this than I thought

The virgin Mary
The thought is scary
Could I have left someone behind
I'll dream again
And count to ten
Until the memory........ I find...


  • I heard she's been seen on dates with Freehold members. It's all a plot to lead them to a cold wintery grave
  • She's been known to steal people's faces, right off their head! Be warned; she so quick at it, you might already be missing yours!
  • Has beaten up people in the Goblin Market for seemingly no reason. And liked it.
  • She has seen Ted's true face
  • Wants to become famous, like a famous singer, very unlike Winter
  • She's a Spring Spy, who's joined Winter to learn its secrets so that she can let everyone know... in time anyway.
  • Ann collects decapitated heads of people that have scorned her, so that she can have them hedgespun into ashtrays.
  • Has an autographed "Shotgun Awe" mask, as she is a major fan of him.
  • She and Shotgun were makin' out on the street corner. I heard Copper got super pissed!
  • Fate seems to not want her to rely on it. She flipped a coin to figure herself out...and it landed on its edge.

Quotes about Anonymous

  • "She removed her mask, at least for a time. Perhaps it is a little hint of the change to come, as Sorrow is washed away by hope, and she gives in to her Desire to be more than she is now." - Captain Darius Trask
  • "She spends more time hiding her wants and desires, instead of just getting out there and accomplishing them. She needs to know that the more time we spend hiding, the less time we have for improving ourselves. She sings fine, and she needs to just go out there and sing her heart out. If anyone tries to stop her, she should just throw them off of the stage." ~ Shotgun Awe
  • "She's got music in her, and I'm glad she's letting it out. It keeps us warm. She shimmers in front of everyone." - Copper

OOC Information

Player: Bonnie Cambrin

C@M Number: CA2012120101

Location: Burnaby, BC