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Anthony Albright is a white male with a shaven face, hazel eyes, around 6' tall, Caucasian, wearing a loose fitting white linen button up collared shirt with a hiker's backpack and compound bow. He seems about 30 years of age physically, but something tells you he is far older. He appears very lithe and his mannerisms seem somewhat flighty, often looking around at things other than just you as he talks. The wind around him is ever blowing, even if just slightly. It always has a hint of fall and there is an air of extreme events about him. Near him the ground seem to shake slightly at times, distant thunder is heard, and visions of plagues, assassinations, tsunamis and other such extreme events are had by those remaining near him for prolonged periods.


His mien has dry leaves blowing behind him in waves and swirls. He seems much taller and imposing in mein than in mask. He appears as an ethereal being made of star stuff and he very much looks like a Gentry. His wyrd is the strongest you have ever seen.

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Accord PC

Player: Ashton H
Member Number: US2008062480
Domain: VA-020-D
Creature Type: Changeling Airtouched Elemental
Division: Lex Talionis
City: Baltimore, MD
VST: Brian Ward


Unfiltered Reactions

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He often seems to have absolutely nothing standing between his thoughts and his actions, speaking and acting before anyone else does. This is not to say that it is always for the better, but it seems honest at least. He does not stick around any one person very long and tends to bounce around to an insane degree. He seems very into pledges and his interactions with other changelings and accord members seem to be based around them.

The Autumn Path:

He never joined a court in the conventional sense, but instead he seemed to come to the freehold with the leaves of Autumn already blowing in his Mien. It was over a month before anyone from Autumn court was able to speak with him.

Most people look toward Anthony as flighty, happy, and useless, but there must be some reason why Autumn has claimed it's own. Like sunny afternoon turning into an unexpected thunderhead, blackening the skys in moments and bring on a delude, Anthony too sometimes seems to shift instantly without warning.

The Changing of the Seemings:

Anthony Profile.JPG

Anthony seems to the embodiment of what it is to be an Airtouched. He is flighty, fast, and quick witted. Nothing seems to burden his spirits long. Obsessions are out of the question for him as they take far too much focus.

He seems to have a basic understanding of where other elementals come from, especially woodblood and levenquick. He sees the passion for the forests shared by the woodblood and the choatic nature of the levenquick as brothers onto him, but both were ultimately different from him. He seems to be totally at one with nature. The elements all seem to pay him some respect and he seems to talk to almost everything around him. Maybe he is just loosing it from having to face the harsh reality of The True or maybe he has been spending too much time in the Hedge.

Some who have recently seen Anthony say that he has spent too long working with lighting and it has started to work its way into his seeming. Anyway you slice it, if Anthony is near and you hear the roll of approaching thunder, it may be a good time to move on.

Coming to the Truth

The Endless Road

Anthony Albright-Endless Road.jpg
“As we speed along this endless road to the destination called who we hope to be, I can't help but whine, 'Are we there yet?'”

All who walk the endless road start for their own reasons, but Anthony was a very unlikely candidate. Such focus and dedication is required that few can muster the resolve to follow the road, but yet perhaps the flightiest changeling walking the earth also walks the endless road.

This is a road of self discovery and self improvement. You might find that you have companions on your walk from time to time, but in the end all who walk the road walk it alone. Perhaps it should be no surprise that many who walk the road also fight The Truth. It is unclear if Anthony know of the Truth before he started the endless road, but it seems the two are linked for him.

Each petitioner on this lonely path finds something different for themselves on this path, but Anthony found is not altogether clear, but it is clear that he is darker than he once was.

The Weapons of the Gods:

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IMG 5721.JPG

Anthony rarely stays with any one city for too long. He has learned that his presence is disruptive to both sides of the field and this effect must be minimized. Rarely will you see him actually take the field of combat, infact few has seen elementals truly at battle, but those who have are loathed of the result.

Elementals are not precision instruments, but broad weapons of mass destruction. One man does not need to fear the tornado for the tornado does not know him, but it knows the town and it will leave it's mark upon it. In the same way, not every man in a thunder storm will be struck, but once the storm has picked you it is no easy feat to avoid it's reach and it will not stop with you. Anyone near the target of the storm is collateral damage, victims in natures cruel cycles.

It is for these reasons and many others that one does not lightly call upon the elements in a time of battle, it is far better to let nature do her work slowly and quietly than to risk becoming another fool caught in the cross winds.

Forward Into Darkness

Tails from the Endless Road:

Anthony Albright-Night Walker.jpg
“There is a road, no simple highway, between the dawn and the dark of night. And if you go, no one may follow. That path is for your steps alone.” -Robert Hunter

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Memorable Quotes:

  • "We don't need a leader, does the forest fire elect a leader?" -Anthony during the June 2013 DC Cell Leader elections
  • "He's Airtouched, he's an Airhead. (face palms)" -A fellow changeling when being introduced to Anthony
  • "He cheats." -A Changing Breed Fox after a foot race with Anthony
  • "It's like a soul, no one can prove you have it, it is just an assumed fact!" {crickets} -Anthony when talking to a group of Prometheans
  • "He is the best rain cloud i could ever partner with." - Krieger
  • "Yeah, no, my first impression was right: fuck that guy." - Shkira Kushnir

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  • Anthony is a bad penny, there is no way around this. Nothing good follows this man and thing can be done to get rid of him.
  • He is a distraction sent by the truth to keep us from getting anything done.
  • Anthony killed a servant of the truth with a major mutation in solo combat.
  • Some of his fellow changelings suspect him to be a loyalist, he has given people to the others.
  • Anthony can come back from the dead.
  • Anthony is friends with a Mage named Krieger
  • Anthony and Lilith are lovers.
  • Dude's going Gentry, and he can pull it off, too.

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