Antoine Chant

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Awakening PC

Player: Daniel Byrd
Path: Acanthus
Order: Free Council
VST: Kate Pope

Notable Traits

  • Striking Looks 4

Character Description

Stands at roughly 6’ even, thin for his size but in an attractive way. Dresses somewhat conservatively, dress shirt over jeans, comfortable high tops. His sandy hair is somewhat longish, but usually swept back, and he wears wire framed glasses. He is never seen without his laptop: the better to take down ideas as they come along. There is an air of calmness about him at all times, soft spoken and level headed.


3 September 1981: Born in Bossier City, LA. Twin brother Eric also born at this time.

7 June 1987: Contracts a rare virus which causes atrophy of the muscular system. Eric supports his brother at first, but soon the two grow distant: retreats into fantasy and escapism novels during his illness.

30 May 1988: Cured of the disease by a progressive doctor using some form of alternative medicine. Muscular system never fully recovers, eventually leaving him in his adult life unable to lift more than 50 pounds. Nature compensates for this, making him more resistant to illness. Due to his weakened physical state, he is forced to stay inside for much of his life, and is home schooled. He dives into his studies with reckless abandon, and lives vicariously through his fantasy novels and later, his mother’s romance novels. This bookishness ends up further alienating him from his more active twin brother.

26 May 1997: Earns his High school diploma 2 years early. Becomes strong enough physically to leave the house, begins to take Community college classes. Eric is struggling in school and begins to experiment with drugs, Marijuana, Heroin, and Meth.

7 January 1999: Earns his Bachelor’s in the Literary Arts; is accepted to LSU’s literary program. Begins writing The Sorceress Ascendant. After being held back two years, Eric drops out of high school. He gets a job working for a garage, pulling apart transmissions.

9 July 2004: Eric overdoses on speedballs and nearly dies. Antoine is at his side the entire time the doctors are working on him. Eric suffers severe brain damage due to the overdose and is committed first to rehab, then to Bellevue.

4 June 2010: Attains his Masters in the Literary Arts from LSU. The Sorceress Ascendant is published by Harlequin under the pen name of Antoine Chant. The novel is the story of Allana Thyrsa, a woman of inauspicious origin who uses a sorcerous style based on sympathetic connection and biological scientific principle to seduce, combat, and murder her way to the throne of the citystate that nearly killed her. Though billed as a romance novel, it included many elements of high fantasy. Though not a bestseller, the novel sells enough units to pay the bills.

April 2011: Begins writing the follow up to The Sorceress Ascendant, this time intent to write it more as a straight laced fantasy novel in order to keep himself from being stereotyped as a Romance novelist. Begins his Awakening as he starts writing the book, creating a very odd circumstance: Portals to the spirit world begin opening by themselves, allowing spirits created from his imagination, including Allana Thyrsa herself, to enter into the Fallen Realm. This coincidentally results in a series of strange murders, all involving the gang that Eric used to run with. Allana, however, elects herself as the “protector” of Eric, whom she sees as her beloved Consort, which causes it’s own problems. With the assistance of another local Mage, Awakens to the Acanthus Path, and Allana is defeated and sent back to the spirit world.

19 September 2011: Joins the Free Council due to the similarity between his magical and philosophical beliefs and theirs.

17 March 2013: Eric passes away. Antoine, now left without a family, begins to travel, looking to find a better home away from the twin cities that caused him so much pain.


Stephen King

Mercedes Lackey

Tracy Hicks


A subtle glow of emerald fairy fire which surrounds him.



Looking For

Cabal Maybe?

A Legacy in due time.

People I’ve met on the road.

People whom have inspired characters from the novels I wrote (Didn’t have to actually meet for this to happen)