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General Information

Name: Anton

Seeming and Kith: Fairest Shadowsoul/Minstrel

Entitlement: Pilgrim of the Endless Road

Court: Dusk

Age: Not publicly known

Location of Origin: Bonn, Germany

Current Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Notable Traits: To mortal eyes, he is a tall and ethereally attractive man with hazel eyes, long curly hair and a neatly trimmed beard. Generally dressed simply, in flowing shirts and a kilt, he is unassuming yet strikingly beautiful. For those who can see through his Mask, his skin takes on a dusky sheen and his beauty is magnified. Darker eyes and lips, longer and more flowing hair that falls like shadows about his shoulders. His mask is perfect, no hair out of place, not a speck of dirt or dust upon his clothing.

Important Events

  • 1998: Anton and his son are taken by the Erlking, an Actor of the Keeper known as The Hunter. He is later sold or traded (he’s not sure which) to The Merchant. There, he serves the Keeper as a songbird for many years. There, he meets Lydia Drummond, a dancing clockwork doll.
  • 2001, March: Anton escapes from their Keeper with Lydia and emerges from the Hedge in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • 2001, May 1: He and Lydia watch the formation of the Phoenix Guard Freehold. They swear the Oath of Good Neighbors.
  • 2001, July: Lydia and Anton help form a freehold of their own in Gila Bend, Arizona.
  • 2002: Anton begins a deep study of the Occult, quickly becoming an expert in Pledgecraft among other subjects.
  • 2003: The Wyrd crowns Anton as Autumn King of the Gila Bend Freehold.
  • 2011, Autumn: Gila Bend Freehold is attacked by Loyalists. All members of the Freehold are assumed to have been killed.
  • 2011, Winter: Lydia and Anton emerge from the Hedge with Quothe and two other Changelings in Puerto Rico.
  • 2012: Anton becomes a member of the Dusk Court.
  • 2013, Summer: Lydia and Anton visit the Phoenix Guard Freehold and are treated with hostility and suspicion.
  • 2013, Summer: Anton becomes a Pilgrim of the Endless Road


Brother of the Endless Road

Allies, Acquaintances, and Enemies

The Anemoi Motley:

Other Allies



  • He is a Loyalist and that is the reason she survived the slaughter of the Gila Bend Freehold.
  • Anton is a meddler and manipulator who desires to rule the Freehold without a Crown.

Known Abilities

He is a preternaturally talented singer, but almost never sings. Regardless, even his speaking voice sounds like echoes of song.
He walks everywhere he goes and is known to spend much time wandering the Hedge, seemingly without fear of the strange place.

OOC Information

Player: Jordan L
Location: AZ-010-D

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