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Name: Antonio Cellio

Introductory Form of Address: The Right Honorable Alder Antonio Cellio, Marquis of Denver, Notary to the region of North Central, and Adviser, Commissioner, Interpreter, Senator, Steward of the same.

Formal Form of Address: Alder Notary or Alder Advisor

Clan: Ventrue ••

Bloodline: Unknown

Covenant: Invictus •••

City: Denver •••



Liege Lord



  • "Alder Cellio and I got off to a bit of a rough start, but the more I work with him the more I wonder how I could have gotten by without him. He is resourceful, independent, and ruthless in a disarming way." - Viceroy Tybalt Rook
  • "Alder Cellio has been very helpful as a host for the parties we have thrown. What a nice estate he has." - Felicity Cartwright


  • Alder Cellio really likes hosting gatherings at his residence.
  • Alder Cellio aims to become the Prince of Denver.
  • Alder Cellio had to get a Ventrue tutor for Dominate... is he even Ventrue?
  • Alder Cellio's mind is exceptionally weak. He has been a pawn in other Ventrue's chess games for a long time.
  • Alder Cellio has killed a Viceroy, a James-Bond villain, and a pack of Werewolves... don't mess with him.
  • Alder Cellio is the oldest citizen of Denver, some say he IS the city.
  • A werewolf attempted to eat Cellio once, but his blood was like acid and the wolf spat him out.
  • The admired Jessie White wanted to kick him out of the Invictus. Now the admired Jessie White is dead.
  • Cellio used to fight bulls during his mortal life. He translates these skills to his Requiem on a nightly basis.
  • Cellio wanders off when ever he is given "free candy"

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue ••
City: Denver, CO •••
Player: Skip Stavis
Storyteller: Wolf Kelley

Player Name: Skip Stavis

MES Number: US2002023022

Location: Denver, CO