Antonio Ducatti

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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.
Antonio Ducatti
Clan: Tremere Tremere Symbol.png
Sect: Camarilla Sect-Camarilla.png
Player: User:Jim Y. US2012080087
VSS: Dark River Columbus, GA
ST: User:Joseph D. US2010117006

Tony is a gregarious Tremere Ancillae despite all odds. He gets his fair share of attention due to his dissonance from the traditional Tremere stereotype. Nobody expects a mook Tremere.

Status Traits:
Acknowledged in the Camarilla
Confirmed Tremere Ancillae of the Camarilla

Loyal by Raul Sabadel's Commander (Prince of Montgomery, AL)
Favored by Dorian Castille's Established (Elder)
Loyal by Dorian Castille's Noble (Seneschal of Columbus, GA)

Tremere Primogen of Montgomery, AL (5/15/2014-9/29/2015)
Tremere Primogen of Columbus, GA (9/30/2015-10/16/2015)
Ancillae of the Camarilla

Ludovico Morandi

Raul Sabadel
Antonio Ducatti
Isabella Banks

Known Acquaintances:
- Cerel Reese - Like minded individual
- Vincenso Abramo
- Elder Dorian Castille - Friend and mentor
- Sonny Carter
- Elder Raul Sabadel
- Henry Fuller

- "He certainly doesn't strike me as your typical warlock." -?

Known only to members of Clan Tremere:
High Apprentice of the Seventh Circle of Mysteries