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Requiem PC

Clan: Nosferatu ••••
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum ••••
City: Grand Rapids ••••

It is also the intention of God that we bring suffering to all, because this world is Fallen, and there should be no comfort for humanity in a world where sin exists.

-2 Sanguinaria 4:6

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Clan: Nosferatu

Covenant: Lancea Sanctum

Creed: Monachal

Faction: Hardliner

Bishop of the Diocese of Grand Rapids,
Priscus of the Nosferatu of Grand Rapids,
Arch-Confessor to the Order of the Hallowed Spear,
Herald to His Grace, Archbishop SanGiovanni of Grand Rapids,
& Legate to Her Eminence, Cardinal SanGiovanni of the Great Lakes

Notable Traits: Low Humanity. A demi-skull is affixed to his face. When he speaks, his voice hints of a ruined maw.

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  • Sister Katherine Smith of Detroit
  • Paladin Munk of Great Falls




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  • "..." - Munk
  • "I personally hold [Antonio Flores] with great respect. He would burn the world with uncompromising enthusiasm. His fellows of the Sanctified are terrible and beautiful in their fanaticism, at least the ones in Grand Rapids. They hunt, they drink, they believe in something greater than themselves. As the Priest of The Ancient Things I am satisfied in my antipodal fellows." - Dutch Demoreau
  • "Kindred who can soothe my savagery is a rare thing, and a rarer thing is one who can be trusted." - Jude Alexander
  • "Implacable and unchanging, the Most Reverend Antonio Flores is a literal pillar of the Church. His unshakable commitment to uphold that which comes from above strengthens the Church immeasurably." - Simon Patterson Gloveli


  • "Does he always dress like that?" "Sometimes he changes his hat..." - Father Andrei

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Player: Jordan Bullinger
MES Number: US2010117066
Domain: Grand Rapids, Michigan
VST: Kerry Gavigan

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