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Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
City: Pittsburgh, PA
Player: Jason Feldstein
Storyteller: Charlie Collins
Anubis.jpg Anubis Live Action.jpg

Known Truths

Anubis is a very feral but very compassionate Gangrel ancilla who's currently one of Pittsburgh's two deputies. He loves the thrill of the chase above all things, which is why he has the tracking skills that make him an effective deputy. He's no slouch in combat, either. But what people usually notice about him - other than his preference for monosyllables - is his kind-hearted nature. He often refers to his mountain lion ghoul, Sekhmet, as his best friend, and he's only known to frenzy in the presence of blatant torture or slavery. This is because he was once a slave to another Kindred, a Giovanni. For more than a century when he was young. He speaks freely of that time in his unlife, but prefers to keep most of the details to himself. His goal these days is to get smarter, so that he can better understand political intrigue - that's the only way to be sure he'll never be enslaved again.

Because he spends the majority of his time in animal form running and hunting with Sekhmet, and has for many decades, Anubis has trouble sometimes thinking of things in human terms. He's sometimes been known to refer to Princes as "Alpha" casually, as if the strangeness of the term didn't even occur to him. He also has trouble understanding lies or deception - he knows that they happen, but he hasn't yet mastered the art of lying (nor has he figured out why someone would want to). He's very much like a canine in most ways - playful, inquisitive, fiercely loyal, and dangerous when provoked. He's an Angarren in spirit, since he now hunts knowledge as much as he hunts prey, but he has yet to learn how to use a computer or even a telephone.

Anubis was a slave in and around Cairo from 1787 to 1902. After escaping his former master, he began exploring the world, looking for new and different prey to hunt. He and Sekhmet had a perfect arrangement - Anubis would drink the animal's blood, and then Sekhmet would get to eat it afterward. This is how the two of them first bonded, even though Anubis has not yet learned enough Animalism to know "how to speak Kitty", as he says. He found his way to the New World by about 1950, and spent some time in the 1960s in Pittsburgh, where he met Asher. He still owes Asher a boon for teaching him English and educating him about the ways of the Camarilla, as he'd been solitary before that and had only learned the wording of the Tradiitons from his sire (but not how they're usually enforced).


Anubis is really a Follower of Set. That's why he speaks Egyptian and knows how to turn into a jackal.
Anubis hates the Followers of Set, saying that they enslave people through their vices and that they have no honor.
Anubis is really a Giovanni or maybe a Samedi. That's why he can hear wraiths, and why he looks like a corpse.
Anubis hates and fears Giovanni because his former master did horrible necromantic experiments on him. That's why his skin looks the way it does.
Anubis isn't a man who was Embraced and learned how to turn into a jackal. Anubis is a jackal whose Kindred sire taught him how to shift into the form of a man.
Anubis is the actual Egyptian god of the underworld, who can take the form of a vampire or wraith whenever he likes. He is walking the earth in a physical body to judge all the undead.
Anubis normally speaks about himself in the third person. He only rarely uses personal pronouns or the verb "to be", and generally prefers the shortest possible word that will get his point across.
At the end of each night, Anubis shifts into jackal form and meets Sekhmet in the woods, and together they find a place to sleep. When he needs to Earth Meld, she sleeps on top of the spot.


Anubis is an interesting sort. He is not very bright when it comes to the finer points of Kindred society. However, he has a nose for those who can and cannot be trusted - he has a knack for sensing honor among our kind. He is loyal to a fault and holds grudges with the best of them. - Asher, Prince of Pittsburgh.
Upon our first meeting, we quickly came to agreement with one another about a great many things. Quite the intriguing sort. Not sure I've ever had one so quick to tell me like it is - Stasia Kirilova, Nosferatu Primogen of Pittsburgh, PA
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Musical Inspiration

The Seeker by The Who
The Hunter Gets Captured by Massive Attack ft. Tracey Thorn
Death is Not the End by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Shadowlands by Kula Shaker
Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult (cover by HIM)
No One Lives Forever by Oingo Boingo
Strangefolk by Kula Shaker
Brain Damage (Omega remix) by Pink Floyd
Your Ghost by Kristin Hersh & Michael Stipe