Anya Ivanova

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Requiem PC

Player: Nikka
Character: Anya Ivanova
Clan: Gangrel 2
Bloodline: The Hounds of Actaeon
Covenant: Carthian
Position: None
Status: City 1
Domain: NYC
VST: NYC Requiem VST

Character Information

Avatar made with Dolls Divine.

Name: Anya Ivanova

Clan: Gangrel, Status 2

Bloodline: Hound of Acteaon

Covenant: Carthian

Status: Acknowledged.

Notable Traits: Born in Russian, Anya is an ex-KGB asset whose skill with firearms is difficult to match.

Title or Position: None

City Status: 1


  • She cares little about whether or not she looks good, when compared with many at Court. Instead, Anya focuses on whether or not she is good. Cities rise and fall on the backs of those like Anya. - Genevieve Asteria


  • is British
  • is a Mekhet

OOC Information

Player Name Nikka

MES Number US2011097989

Location NYC

Since there's no longer a Requiem game in NYC, and since I rarely, if ever, travel, Anya isn't very active right now.