Anya Vandricht

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Requiem PC

Player: Ellie Cahill
Character: Anya Vandricht
Clan: Nosferatu ●
Bloodline: Unknown.
Covenant: Circle of the Crone ●●

Domain: Chicago, IL ●●●
VST: Mark Harrison

Sire: [Unknown]

Bloodline: Unknown

Notable Traits: Despite being a Nosferatu, Anya is beautiful, but something seems just... wrong. Her eyes have a vibrant golden sheen.

Titles: Seneschal.

Coteries/Societies: The Directive

Information Known by Kindred Society

Anya was born in Germany, but has lived in Illinois for some amount of time that seems to change depending on when you ask. What is sure is that sometime in the 1980s, she surfaced in the city, but mostly involved herself in Covenant business, hardly being seen by the rest of Kindred society. She runs the Chicago branch of a very large cosmetics company, Magna.

Information Known by the Circle of the Crone

  • Role: Scarlet Woman

Anya cultivates a number of kinds of herbs, often things used for rituals, and is more than happy to provide these things to other members. She seems to be much more open and kind to the members of the covenant, than other members of the city. Typically, she is willing to assist fellow Acolytes with whatever they need.

Known Associates


  • Anya isn't really Nosferatu, but has been hanging out with them long enough that their unpleasing presence has rubbed off on her.
  • Although her notebook appears to be written in German, it's actually just nonsense German words that she knows and isn't actually composed of anything coherent.
  • Anya is largely responsible for the artistic use of cosmetics and fashion of Weimar Berlin.
  • She's literally and figuratively the Face of her coterie.
  • Like most people interested in mental health, she's probably got more than her fair share of derangements.
  • Her coterie mates can be heard chittering that Anya is a hermaphrodite.

Quotes from Anya

  • "That depends on your definition of..."
  • Spaces out mid sentence for a few seconds…
  • "Don't mind me, continue your conversation."
  • "Oh, that's just the way Dr. Right connects with people. Do you really think he knows how to have a normal interaction?"
  • "I don't think I understand."

Quotes about Anya from others

Fill in your own and I'll send you one from Anya about your PC.

  • "She's capable, that is certain. Capable of what, exactly, is what concerns me." - Sifu Bei Shi Tian
  • "Intelligent, cold, calculating, and easy on the eyes... I would say I am in love if it wasn't for the feeling of doom in the pit of my stomach... not butterflies." - Hal Fischer
  • "I don't know if her cool demeanor is a superficial mask she wears, but we all wear masks in this existence and as long as hers is so agreeable she is quite welcome." - Lord Quinn
  • "If Anya doesn't truly possess goodness, she at least possesses all the appearance of it. Among Kindred, the latter may ultimately be of greater benefit." - Ellen Doyle
  • "Oh...she has a book. I have a book too. I wish she'd let me compare notes." - Jon Clay
  • "I cannot wait for everyone to truly understand the power of this unassuming kindred. She seems so reserved and quiet, people overlook her all the time. It is a mistake that they will not make twice. She is ever watchful, recording all, to what end? That is an excellent question." - Joe Czalk
  • "She has opposed me on a number of issues. It has been extremely vexing. She is also the most aesthetically pleasing Nosferatu that I have ever met. Which just seems wrong. Like, a lot. I can't quite place it." - Luca
  • "A pretty face hides a mind more devious than those behind the rest of us. Her beauty disarms as the rest of ours sets on edge." - Wei Rivera
  • " She is one of the more clever young kindred, and if that does not get her killed she will go far in her requiem" - Gus
  • "Anya? Anya... oh, right, she's, like, the Seneschal or whatever? I dunno what all the new titles are since the praxis change. Y'know, for being one of the more uptight vamps in Chitown, she's actually pretty decent. I mean, yeah, she's efficient and businesslike, but not in a way that makes you feel like she's judging you for not being the same way, if that makes sense? I think she gets frustrated sometimes when other people make her job harder, and I totally get that." - Daniel D. Lyons
  • "For all these words and all this music, I find it hard to believe I don't owe her." - Alfie
  • "Ms. Vandricht is worthy of respect. Whether or not society will acknowledge that, remains to be seen." - w@tch3r

Out of Character Information

Player: Ellie Cahill

Location: Chicago, IL Requiem