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The Premise

Apoc Glade 1.jpg

To spread a modicum of peace between the Gaian aligned Shifters, Unicorn has permitted two of her oldest Jagglings, Enki - the wise and gentle trickster and teacher, and Olive, an ancient symbol of peace, to keep a place where Gaian aligned kin and shifters alike can go. Enki is wise enough to know that the Rage inherent to shifters is both a blessing and a curse, and Olive Tree understands the necessity of a place to gather to spread the ideal of peace. To that end, he made his dreamscape to reflect ancient hidden glades that abounded in Earth's ancient days. The weather is perpetually late spring with clear, dark blue skies and warm temperatures. Wyrm and Weaver aligned creatures cannot enter this place.

Level 0 Rite - “Awake the Dreamer”
This Level 0 Rite is taught by tiny little olive tree saplings or by other characters. This is a free rite that can be learned by anyone with Garou, Spirit or your Fera lore 1 or higher. Kinfolk and Fera may also learn this rite. Before bed, this rite must be performed and generally includes a brief meditation to clear the mind. It is a brief rite that lasts for 12 hours. Once the rite has been performed, the dreamer may enter The Glade at any time. If the character is in a dangerous situation or is unable to sleep soundly, the rite will fail.

The Description

The first thing you see upon entering the Glade is green. A lush forest surrounds a large clearing. In the center of the clearing, in the place of honor, is an ancient Olive tree. Her branches extend high into the sky and filter out over much of the clearing. Nearly anywhere you might sit will be beneath her boughs. Some branches swoop low to the ground, perfect for cradling someone. There are large boulders with flat, smooth tops for perching on, as well as logs that never seem to give you a splinter. Soft moss covers much of the ground. It is quiet here, in the Glade. In the distance is the sound of a soft burbling brook, and birds call softly to one another. It is a place of peace and calm.

The Rules

1. Challenges may be discussed and planned in the Glade, but cannot issued in the Glade, per the US Addendum for Apoc, page 57. Soft Role Play only.
From the Addendum: Challenges must be issued in person and with a Master of Challenge present to mediate to be considered honorable and valid. Dishonorable Challenges result in a loss of 4 Temporary Honor Renown, and may have their results overturned or nullified by any Philodox of Rank equal to the lowest Rank Garou involved in the Challenge - in addition to whatever other punishments may result.
2. Until all member clubs are on the same continuity, each one will have to have its own channel.
3. No smut or cybering is to be done in the channel. Those caught can face a 24 hour ban the first time with subsequent disciplinary actions as appropriate.
4. Arguing, even loudly, is permissible, but no actual fighting can go on in the dreamscape.
5. No lores can be learned while in the dreamscape, though arrangements of such can be done.
6. Any Gaian aligned Kinfolk or Shifter can enter the Glade regardless of rank, even cubs/kits etc.
7. No appearing nude please, your pc will be removed. You can appear in the Glade dressed however you wish to be, though.
8. There is to be no lurking in the Glade under an ooc nick except by National or Regional officers, the GSL and the AGSL Apocalypse. All others are subject to a one hour ban for a first offense followed by a 24 hour ban for a second.

Tl; dr

- IC Channel: #Apocalypse
- OOC Channel: #Apocalypse-ooc
- password: 10again (this may change; ask an OP in #cam-ooc or #apocalypse-ooc for the new password if you have trouble getting in.)
- Check out the general IRC Rules and Policies
- For a primer on how to play on IRC, and where to download IRC, check out MES Virtual's NWoD New Member's Guide: http://mes-virtual.org/st-info/nwod-new-member-guide/
- Questions, suggestions, problems: Jennifer, AGSL Apocalypse