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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.


Birth Name: Daniel O'Toole

Sleeper Aliases: Sean O'Shea

Path: Obrimos

Legacy: Tamers of Fire

Order: Silver Ladder

Faction: The Ascended

Titles & Offices: Deputy Hierarch of the Ferrum Arce

Other Information of Note: Repute 3

-- Character Description --

Apollyon appears to be in his late 20s, around 6 feet tall with an average build, bright blue eyes and dark-blonde hair with a goatee. His wardrobe varies, but he often wears dark suits with either black t-shirts or a variety of dress shirts and ties.

-- Nimbus --

A warm, white, comforting light shines down on you from above, giving you a feeling of being protected, possibly even "chosen" for something greater, possibly the Rapture. The ground suddenly rumbles and cracks, the white light turns red and the ground beneath you opens up, swallowing you and casting you into a lake of fire.


-- Timeline --


* October 30, 1984 - Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

* December 2001 - While attending a Catholic high school in Hamilton, he is abducted by one of his teachers who he later learns was a Banisher. The Banisher believed that he could sense that the young man was "different" and a threat to the world. Rather than killing Daniel, the Banisher keeps him imprisoned, tied to a chair and he tried to show Daniel that he was "wicked" and he had a "monster" living within him. His imprisonment lasted several days and led to his Awakening, during which he escaped his bonds and attacked his kidnapper and killed him in a fiery, destructive manner.

* 2002 - Daniel spends much of the year in seclusion attempting to understand what has happened to him. He happens to meet members of the local Concilium during the year and they offer him guidance and education.

* March 2003 - Daniel is traveling along the east coast and finds himself in Alexandria, VA. There, he meets Trevor McGowan and Lucia Vazquez, one of Trevor's students. Trevor takes Daniel under his wing and mentors the young man. During this brief apprenticeship, Trevor becomes rather infatuated with Lucia, though she leaves in April of that year to relocate to Puerto Rico.

* July 4, 2003 - Daniel is inducted into the Silver Ladder and adopts the shadow name Apollyon. He meets Izdubar Summer at his induction and they stay in touch. Lucia returns for his induction ceremony. The two seem to hit it off and he, smitten with her, decides to follow her back to Puerto Rico, where she takes him under her wing to continue his education.

* July 2003 - Summer 2006 - Apollyon spends the majority of his time in Puerto Rico, during which time he and Lucia's relationship goes from professional to "close". Duty finally forces him to travel and reluctantly leave Lucia's side, though they still remain close.

* Summer 2006 - Apollyon finds himself at a concilium gathering in Chattanooga, TN, where he meets Kanna, a young member of the Silver Ladder. The two hit it off and spend some time getting to know one another. They stay in contact from that point forward and he occasionally visits her.

* Summer 2006 - Apollyon returns for a time to Alexandria, VA and catches up with Trevor and gets reacquainted with one of his family members, a young girl named Shy Ram that he briefly met during his initial training in 2003. He ends up coming back every summer to reconnect with various people in the area and the young girl, who he thinks of as a younger sister.

* December 2009 - Apollyon finds himself in Louisiana, where he reconnects with Izdubar Summer and talks about his future in the Silver Ladder. He ends up becoming a Lictor.

* Spring 2010 - Apollyon returns to Hamilton in his capacity as a Lictor. During his time back home, he meets Genesis, a young mage who sat in on the Lictor's proceedings and wanted to learn more. From there, a relationship of sorts grew and they stay in fairly frequent contact.

* Late 2010 - A trip to the United States for a mystical shindig and Apollyon meets La Calavera. Idle chit-chat over drinks leads to what was initially a one-night stand, though they do stay in touch after the night is over.

* Summer 2011 - Apollyon is on vacation in Paris, France. He meets a young woman named who would later be known as Caprice at a bar there one night and connect. A short, torrid love affair ensues for a few weeks as they travel south through France together, parting ways before she heads off to Spain.

* Summer-Autumn 2012 - Apollyon is on vacation in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he happens to meet Caprice again at bar. They rekindle their affair and travel together through central and southeastern Europe before parting ways again.

* July 1, 2013 - Apollyon visits Sault Ste Marie and meets Anagnorisis. They hit it off and a friendship develops. He subsequently visits her when he travels to Puerto Rico and their relationship ends up becoming quite "close".

* March 2014 - Apollyon and Caprice reconnect at a Grand Convocation in San Antonio, Texas during a Silver Ladder meeting.

-- Friends, Allies and Everyone Else --

- The Silver Ladder -

* Trevor McGowan - His first mentor.

* Lucia Vazquez - His second mentor and his first love. They remain close even to this day.

* Kanna - A friend and more.

* Izdubar Summer/Conquest - The man who trained Apollyon to become a Lictor.

* Caprice - A vacation buddy. They stay in touch and occasionally visit one another.

- The Rest -

* Genesis - A friend and his "conscience"

* Shy Ram - A family friend. He often treats her like a little sister.

* Anagnorisis - A "close" friend.

* La Calavera - An acquaintance, occasional business associate, sometimes more.

* Circe

-- Rumours --

-- Apollyon's Revelations (Quotes) --


-- What Others Have To Say --

* "Apollyon was a blast to be with. Really. I had fun playing tour guide for him...among other things." - Circe

-- Soundtrack: The Window to the Soul --

Lake fire.jpg

* This Fire Burns - Killswitch Engage
* Burn In My Light - Mercy Drive
* This Calling - All That Remains
* God Was Never On Your Side - Motorhead
* Devils - Motorhead
* Live For The Moment - Monster Magnet
* Blow Up The Outside World - Soundgarden

Awakening PC

Player: Mark Mielewczyk
Path: Obrimos
Order: Silver Ladder ••••
Legacy: Tamer of Fire
Position: Hierarch
Consilium: Ferrum Arce ••••
City: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Cabal: None
VST: David March