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Awakening PC

Player: Kenneth Green
Character: Aquarius
Path: Thyrus
Order: Mysterium
Legacy: None
Consilium: TBA
VST: Adam Hobbs


Character Information

Titles or Positon's:

  • Hierophant of Ste. Marie, Ontario [Mysterium Only]
  • Curator of the Ste. Marie Athaneum [Mysterium Only]
  • Magister, Philosophus [Mysterium Only]
  • 1st Degree Master of Spirit, Adept of Mind, Adept of Life

General Concept - Aquarian Preacher, New Age Philosopher, Voice of the Ascended Masters, Relic Hunter

IC Acomplishments

  • 2016, May - Enters Play in the Northern Winds Game

Rumors (Feel Free to add some)

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Quotes About Him(Feel Free to add some)

  • TBA

Quotes by him...

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His Playlist

Character Inspirations

Path-thyrsus (1).png
Order mysterium.png

OOC Information

  • Kenneth Green
  • US2006078107
  • Member of the Denver Domain
  • Resides in Denver, Colorado

Awakening PC

Player: Kenneth Green
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Mysterium ••••
Legacy: TBA
Position: Heirophant
Consilium: Northeastern, Ontario Awakening
City: Northeastern, Ontario
Cabal: The Theosophical Society of Ontario
VST: Adam Hobbs