Arbiter's Accord

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Pack History

Pack Totem Harrier

Arbiter's Accord was an idea originally conceived by Valyria Hunt-Morningkill and James Nathan Hunt to help facilitate diplomatic relationships, treaty negotiations, and peace-making amongst Garou and other supernatural allies. Sponsored by Harrier, a wisdom totem of Falcon's brood, this small pack was active in facilitating diplomacy between the Sept of the Tor and the Sept of the South Wind. They are well-known for being genial, resolute, steadfast, and principled.

One of Falcon's most insightful Harrier spirits, Precipio, was the pack's guide.

After successfully completing the pack mission of diplomacy between the septs of the Tor and the South Wind, in August 2014 the pack reformed as Edge of Midnight under the Uktena totem.

The Pack

Alpha is Valyria Hunt-Morningkill "Flawless Execution"
Beta is James Nathan Hunt "Peacemaker" "On Raven's Wings" "Lightning Strikes Twice"
Bob "Wound Knitter"
Rayna Ayers "Laughs at Danger"
Gillian Spaulding "Microbit DoS"
Erik Drake
Omega is Aces Dance Across the Table

Pack Members

Queen's Gambit

Valyria Hunt-Morningkill "Flawless Execution"
Adren Silver Fang Ahroun Homid
House Wyrmfoe, Sun Lodge, Forthright Court

Even from a distance, this woman radiates elegance, poise, and grace. An accomplished diplomat and duelist, Valyria Hunt-Morningkill is a rising star within House Wyrmfoe. Her superior breeding is evident in both her words and her deeds. Reserved, empathetic, and silver-tongued, this woman is a force to be reckoned with.

James Nathan Hunt

James Nathan Hunt "Peacemaker" "On Raven's Wings" "Lightning Strikes Twice"
Fostern Shadow Lord Philodox Homid

Under Construction

Bob "Wound Knitter"

Bob "Wound Knitter"
Fostern Bone Gnawer Theurge Homid

Under Construction

Rayna Ayers "Laughs at Danger"
Cliath Shadow Lord Ragabash Homid

Under Construction

Gillian Spaulding "Microbit DoS"
Cliath Glasswalker Galliard Homid

A celebrated blogger of environmental concerns, Gillian Spaulding's most useful tool is her laptop and her uncanny ability to blend into a variety of social situations.

Erik Drake
Cliath Fianna Ahroun Homid
Tuatha de Fionn Camp

A diplomat and scholar of the Fae, Erik Drake recently attached himself to a pack of diplomacy to help accomplish his goals.

Aces Dance Across the Table
Fostern Silent Strider Theurge Homid

A member of the Ghost Riders Motorcycle Club, this Garou has an infamous penchant for vigilantism.

Honored Dead

Wyrmbait (NPC)
Cliath Silent Strider Theurge Homid