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Changeling PC

Player: Rebecca Gearhart
Character: Arc
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Soldier
Court: Summer
Freehold: New Eden
VST: VST April Douglas

Learn to save yourself. Learn to save others. You can't count on anyone to do it for you.

No one ever came to save me."

Character Information

Name: Arc

Seeming: Wizened

Kith: Soldier

Court: Summer


Notable Traits: Disgruntled Arc is Disgruntled.

Arc always wears a sparkly facemask when she's around other changelings. Where ever her skin is exposed, the other changelings can see that her mien is heavily scarred. Her mantle has the slightly scorched smell of ozone

She almost never smiles, and when she does it tends to be a particularly disturbing fey grin and there's a high probability that she is badly wounded and heavily armed.

The Wizened soldier has a tendency not to call people by their names, instead assigning nicknames of varying degrees of insult. Also, she cusses, alot.

She is accompanied by a dingo-dog hedgebeast with sheered off tusks. The Damn Dog will eat anything.


Arc was stolen in High School on her way home; as far as the world was concerned, she was only gone three hours. No one looked for her, no one tried to save her, no one even noticed she was missing. She has never forgiven the world for not noticing.

Her durance was three years spent in a beautiful magical city full of terrible monsters and traps and everything was trying to kill her. She died, over and over and over and over and kept respawning at the same place, over and over. Escape didn't become possible until she stumbled upon two other changelings trying to escape; together they all got out.

She was in a motley with them for years, first on a downward spiral of clarity loss as she reacted to everything like it was an attack, and then the long slow clawing her way back up to sanity. The motley specialized in prophesy and dreams and used to send her out on missions. She would be sent to say something, stop something, save something, do something that would alter the course of events to prevent disaster. They often would not tell her the details. Over the years just happened to be there to help out dozens of changelings (email if you want a tie this way).

In January, 2014, she had a final falling out with her motley and left the Portland Freehold to go join Captain Zel's crew on the Gray Ghost, taking her to PR.

Title or Position: Class A Jerk


Arc left her last motley after Spiderfingers-Weaverbutt/Spindle-Arse/Ariel-the-WereSpider sold every nickname Arc gave him at the Goblin Market and she ran out of creative ideas.

Arc hates the Goblin Market.

Arc drew genitalia and dirty words in round up on a vampire's lawn.

Arc once got invited to a Carthian meeting.

Arc is a pirate.

Arc likes to stab things.

Arc has never actually stabbed a changeling.

Arc told a true fae to 'Fucking Bring it' after the bastard kidnapped her motley mates.

Arc swam across a river in the Underworld.

Arc has a paralyzing fear of fluffy kittens.

Arc has a completely rational fear of giant spiders.

Arc is really a superhero, that's why she wears the mask

Arc thinks medical treatment is for wusses.

Arc can't hold her liquor.

Arc once smiled for an entire day. It was awful.

Arc was Grumpy Cat in a previous life.

Arc sold her ability to be happy to a Goblin Market.

Arc has a ahem.."Special Relationship" with sharp objects.

Quotes by Arc

"We have a whole hell of a lot of creative, competent, clever people around here who know a whole bunch of random shit and can do stuff that fucking boggles the mind. Lets get together and make this a god-damn shindig that they’ll talk about for years." ~ Arc

"I'm this person whose been spending the last month working on this seriously messed up ship that we're going to use to fight a god-damn dragon. And I'm here to sell you on the total awesomeness of being a sailor or some shit like that." ~ Arc

"I fucking hate the Hedge." ~ Arc

"We got a price, one we can pay. I don't want to lose a Lost to one of those fuckers out there just to keep from having to shell out the effort to keep him." ~ Arc

"You are the Summer King. We rely on you, we follow you, and if you think that we’re going to walk away and not do a damn thing when your blood is splattered on the ground, then you got another thing coming. Whatever your malfunction is, deal with it on your own time. You god damn better fucking still be alive when I get back." ~ Arc

"He stood up to them, alone and in the dark, expecting to die, because it was the right thing to do. That's fucking something." ~ Arc

"Because I can? Because no one stopped me? Because it's better than setting the place on fire? Pick one, they're all about the same to me." ~ Arc

"Congratulations, You have ruined flowers." ~Arc to Jack Heart upon learning she fertilizes flowers with blood.

"I was having FUN! I was free, finally fucking free for a few god damn minutes to not care about anything, to to--- wait, did you say LOBOTOMY?!!" ~ Arc

"Like hell it's not my choice! My body! My scars! My mind! My LIFE! My god-damn choice! MY fucking stubbornness and MY flawed personality and the whole damn world can fuck off! I might not be able to control jackshit, but I always, ALWAYS, have a choice." ~ Arc

"I don't piss on the corner of buildings to tell people whether they are within range of being protected. If you're in danger and I see you, then I'm going to fucking act, and I don't need permission to do so. I don't need to tell you when I'm in 'your' town and I don't need to throw a hissy fit if you're in mine, as long as you ain't bringing the fucking Others with you." ~ Arc

"Oh fuck that shit. Hope is the shit losers say when they are sitting around waiting for someone else to solve all their problems. You want to know why we fight the darkness, Rooster? It's cause we can. You ever fought Light? That shit is a total bitch. Darkness, hell, darkness is easy in comparison, you just need to flip a switch, or light a fire, or piss of somebody until they find a way to glow. The day we got to fight the light is the day we're really and truly fucked." ~ Arc

Quotes about Arc

"I cannot decide whether I want to study or dissect Arc. Therefore I shall place her on both lists. Crystal, write that down." - Professor Mercury

"You know... Arc is want to call people by nicknames, but I'll bet that's to protect em. She's too smart for it to just be an insult haha." ~ DJ Radix

"Arc's a sweetheart even though she insists on calling herself a jerk. Love you, Arc! - Kidd Fox

"Addicta, septies, ut resurgat octo... roughly translated to getting up eight times after being knocked down seven. Her anger burns bright and constant. Woe to the foe who is the target of it. She is an apt fighter and strong Summer and has earned my respect." ~ Basil

"Highly opinionated and not shy at all about saying what she thinks. Very refreshing." - Toby Harrel

"She said I was goddamn batshit fucking crazy. ...I think she likes me." - Scarlett

"She is a summer I can relate to. We both share the no touching rule. We are both are grumpy together. She needs to visit Chicago more." Becca Wulfe

"Angry. Very Angry. I understand that anger." Castiel

"Arc's a delicate little flower... on the inside... way on the inside. I wouldn't want to be the one to break her heart." ~ Jay Levy

"What a hothead. And that foul mouth." Tevye

"There is never a time that her senseless and wasted anger at goddamn EVERYTHING isn't pissing me off. Still, she fights. That's all I'll ever need to trust her." - John Vimes

"Good on her for doing what she wants without any waste. But I think it's going to sink her some day. And that's something, coming from me." - Isnana

"Strong, and never afraid enough of anything to refrain from pissing it off. And yet, she has still been able to come out of every fight more or less unharmed. I hope her luck lasts." - Wooster

"Arc may have a bit of temper, but it's understandable, when I spent time with her I felt like maybe we'd gone through something similar, both warrior and defender's of others. I hope that she actually reaches out to me, I'd love to get a chance to spar and just talk about some of the shit we've been through." - Doc

"Far too grumpy and angry, but a decent enough dancer. She should come out to social events more often and actually enjoy them." - Evelyn St. Claire

"I've got 2 Fruits down saying that I can get her drunk on steak sauce and egg yolk. Either way, we'll see if that would loosen her up enough to smile." - Eugene Sweet

"I do hope she comes to decide on whether she's a Lady or a Sir. Staying trapped between both options isn't healthy." - Evelyn St. Claire

OOC: Inspirations

Character inspirations: Primarily Mannie from The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and Frank Parker from Seven Days. Additional sources of inspiration include: Elliot Spencer from Leverage, Steve Rogers from Captain America, Tony Stark from Iron man, Miles Vorkosigan from the Vorkosigan Saga, Zoe from Firefly, Fiona Glenanne from Burn Notice

Relevant Tvtropes: Determinator, Heroic Resolve, Antihero, The Cynic, Knight in Sour Armor, Hidden Heart of Gold

Inspirational quotes:

“You can’t conquer a free man; The most you can do is kill him.” Robert Heinlein

“The place where you made your stand never mattered. Only that you were there… and still on your feet.” Stephen King

“The world needs anger. The world often continues to allow evil because it isn’t angry enough” Bede Jarrett

“ Look at the fear in their eyes. Will they ever look at you any other way now?” The Order of the Stick

Playlist “She’s a Rebel” by Green Day, “Save Yourself; I’ll Hold Them Back” by My Chemical Romance, “I Have a Right” by Sonata Arctica, “Devil is a Loser” by Lordi, “Broken, Beat & Scarred” by Metallica, “My Independence Day” by Silent Force, “Attack” by System of a Down, “Breaking the Habit” by Linkin Park, “Wounds” by Masterplan, “Queen Anne’s Revenge” by Flogging Molly

OOC Information

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Player: Rebecca Gearhart

MES Number: US2012100174

Location: PR vss