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Sire: Annie Case

Notable Traits: Arcadia looks like a kid that should be in college than out and about. Always seen with a cellphone in hand or glued to a laptop.




Information Known by Kindred Society

Demi John had the best of friends that he ran into trouble with. Was poking around with 2 other friends, Spite and Revenge as their handles.

Their lives on the outside was pretty tame. Nerds, Geeks, dungeon tanning, misfits. But online was a total different matter altogether.

They started making a new computer system. One that they all chipped in on, collaborated to make the best of what they could. It started off small, few cents here, some credit card info there, and slowly started to upgrade. Bigger, better, faster.But where was the finish line, When was enough, enough.

First was to see what was out there, simple things like military outpost, high society, newest games not on the market, who has the most money in their bank accounts, whats really in the secret sauce, ect.. Redirect departure times for planes trains and ships. The thought of hijacking other corporation computer was tempting, but all they had to do was pull the plug. Spite: was the builder of the computer, electronics and hardware.Started working on Omar from salvaged parts that took weeks to order, sift, 3rd party and random drop offs to make

Revenge: the finder of lost, acquired and stolen books. He had the teck knowledge of the machine languages.

They hit a roadblock, how to get 1 machine to do the work of 3, without overheating from use, meltdown from the power it consumed, and yet still stay small enough for their one bedroom lair. Its not like they could use magic...

Why not?

All 3 now armed with the occult, and their new computer and how both interact with each other. The old tattered books had symbols that there was no way to pronounce. But with a simple scanner, a whole new pictograph language was rediscovered. And with that trouble. There is a saying that goes, out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Well the Fire was upset coterie of Tremere.But the missing books, did not go unnoticed.

It wasn't until after the explosion did he wake up, nearly dead. Their one bedroom headquarters gutted by fire. The sight of both of his friends impaled by various pieces of what was once their trophy case. As their once bright future of endless was draining away. Annie Case appeared out of thin air.


obscuring or removed sensitive information


  • Once hacked into Area 51 to test their security.
  • Speaks Klingon and/or Elvish.
  • is a experiment in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder gone horribly wrong.
  • More Rumors?.


  • "If he ever plays drums on Adelaide's skull again, It will be the last of him. Camarilla or not." — Dagmuar
  • "Quotes of others." — [[Quoted about]]


Out of Character Information

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Antonio, TX
Player: Michael Givens
Storyteller: Adam Smith