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Apocalypse PC

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Travis Page
Character: Archer's Paradox
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Silent Strider
Position: None
Sept: Golden Door, Puerto Rico
Rank: Elder
Glory: ••••• ••••• ••••• •
Honor: ••••• ••••• ••
Wisdom: ••••• •••••
Pure Breed: •••
Domain:Shadowed Peaks CO-015-D
VST: Jennifer Anderson



Character Information

Remembrance Name: Badru

Other Names:

Deed Names: Runs to the River's Edge, Fire to Ash, Archer's Paradox, Atum's Pride, Amun's Promise

Homid Name Archer or Arthur Price

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: Silent Strider


Rank: Elder

Renown: 10 Glory, 10 Honor, 8 Wisdom

Pure Breed: 3 OOO

Domain: Shadowed Peaks CO-015-D

Notable Traits: He really likes Archery. Member of the Swords of Night Camp. He thinks like a Garou, not just a Lupus.


  • War Bow: Breath of Hidden Sorrow
  • Gnosis Bag
  • Quiver: Whispers Bite
  • Magpies Swag
  • Khopesh: Quick hand Dead

Battle Scars

Minor: Tzimece claws on face over eye. Just scars. Major: Deep wounds, Magic Rapier, Throat to chest, Rough Voice -1 to appearance challenges. Major: Burn Scars over most of antierior.


  • Phoebe

Background Cost: 6 Traits

Engima's 3, Primal Urge 2, Open Moon Bridge

Ban Pledged to defend moon bridges and moon paths from the predations of the wyrm.
OWL (pending) Wings in the Umbra (Speed of Thought flight speed), Wise x1, Quick x1, sees through all darkness, +2 traits for comparison of ties and overbids in Occult and Stealth challenges, Occult x2, Stealth x1, three temporary Wisdom on joining.:

Owl requires that the pack leave small rodents in the wood for him and his children.

Pack: Forlorn Hope

  • Alpha AP
  • Beta Ray Fullbringer
  • Visions of Phoebe
  • Tais



  • Protectorate: Puerto Rico, [El Yunque]
  • Pack Territory Anruth.
  • Caern Totem Yuquiyu.
  • Sept Position That garou who does stuff.

Those who need to prove their worth

  • Executioner's Song. GOF Galliard Homid. "One names him friend and shall call him Desert Wind for he is unstoppable."



  • "Few Adren seem capable of maintaining both the authority of their rank and the humility that makes them seem approachable as teachers and guides. I have been honored to find such a soul in meeting Archer's Paradox." -- Tiercel Twice-Sworn
  • "He is an odd wolf, one I respect but not sure about much else. I have had excellent philosophical conversations with him, perhaps more to his surprise than to mine." - Ebony
  • "This one is competent, keen and caring. He will always be welcome at my Sept and at my hearth." - Damian Tears of Laughter
  • "Badru, is the one who found me when I had lost everything. I owe him my life, though he will never ask me for it. I honor him as one worthy of great respect and admiration. I will be watching and learning from him for many years to come."Safiya
  • "This One likes That One." - Junk
  • "Distant, but always on the horizon waving to greet. Eventually, our bows will be on the same battle again. The Wyrm will not know what to do when that happens." - Elsie
  • "My battle brother, my former packmate, and one who has much wisdom. I treasured the time we fought together, and treasured the philosophical debates we had more so." Jericho Windstorm
  • "Either Silent Striders don't live up to their name, or Archer's Paradox-Rhya is a weird one, because the guy sure likes to talk. Not to say that's a bad thing, he usually has something good to say, so you'd be smart to listen to him. - "Bearer of Secrets"
  • "He is the one who gave me my newest name. He is a man that I look forward to seeing in the future." - Ray "Serpentsbane" Fullbringer
  • "I do not seek to be liked or disliked. I simply walk my path and follow the litany." --wisdom spoken as noted by Kieran
  • In answer to the challenge question AP gave him: When he was Fostern: "I am a follower of the Ban of Wyvren - To guard the sacred places to help those who ask for my help to guard their sacred places and to not claim those places as my own. And I am Fenrir A Caern may Fall to me only when I have exhausted my every effort including my dying breath in its defence." Dietrich Von Stauffel
  • "He speaks with care and wisdom, he seeks insight and understanding, and he acts with fairness and sound judgement. I am honored to be allowed in his Sept. Plus, he has some of the most interesting fuckin' stuff in that bag of his." - Sarah
  • "I swear, every time we are together, we are either planning a battle or sharing some kind of drink, mead or glass bottled coke. He is my friend and my brother." - Ray "Serpentsbane" Fullbringer
  • Hilde Rekkstrum gives Atum's Pride a goodnight hug before she retires.
    • Atum's Pride blinks and has absolutely no idea what this young fenrir girl is doing.
    • Hilde Rekkstrum balks. "Hugs will make you happier as a person." She grins. "You'll get used to it eventually."
  • "He's a great leader. Honorable. I respect him greatly, and I'm thankful he welcomed me into his sept." - Aella Kriptikos
  • "He's very honorable and direct. I can get behind that." Stormseeker
  • "Atum is one of my closest friends. He was with me through the biggest mistake I made in my life, and did not judge me. He is a leader, a friend and a brother to me, and that shows more of his character than any battles he has fought." - Ebony Forakis
  • "Atum's Pride-Rhya is like a second father to me, he is also teacher and mentor. He even gave me a name. I try to make him proud." - Trail Blazer
  • "Atum's Pride-rhya is a good man, and i think we share a kinship and understanding. It's refreshing to know someone with knowledge of my homeland to rival my own...and that's a connection that I simply don't share with my Greek cousins." - Zoe "Kebechet" Anwar
  • "He is my mentor and my friend. I owe him more than I'll ever be able to repay." - Qena
  • "When one travels dusty roads and dark woods, it is pleasant to have a companion of interesting and unique mind like that of the lupine born, and Atum's Pride-rhya is that in spades. He also loves to listen to my tales and song, and flattery is quite my vice." - Emily "Blues Traveler" Abayomi
  • "He once said I was worthy. I have no idea what he meant by that, but he also invited me to his protectorate. It is a lovely place. I quite enjoyed my time there." - Dr. Emma Bailey
  • "Amun's Promise is a strange one. A blend a utter simplicity and surprising depth, he sees the world as it is. That is a rare gift." - Brigid
  • "Soft spoken, compassionate, carries a big stick. Also, most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to killin the undead and bonus points for being tops in his field for accidentally blowing up towns. Probably great at parties too." - Alvarez
  • "Atum's Pride sometimes confuses me, him being so close to his wolf side and me not even being Garou. But I have never seen him put himself first in anything, always watching out for those under his protection. I have a lot of respect for that, and for the guy who lives that life. " - Specter's Flight
  • "I would follow him into battle any day of the week... and twice on Sunday." - Dr. Emma Bailey
  • "I'm not real big on following Garou into epic battles of doom, but with Amun's Promise - I did. And I'm still fuckin' here to talk about it, as are the ones who went in with us. For that, I'm grateful to him - the Father of Orphans." - Kat

AP's Sayings

  • "We do not stop the fight because of this, we carry on with greater courage, greater skill, greater desire, not because death stares at us, but because we stare back at it."
  • "None shall want."
  • "You can not stop the rain, you can catch the rain."
  • "The wrath of a woman can hurt more than a silver arrow in your heart."
  • "Women are strange."
  • "Blood is the water of life." "Hold that which can not be held in your palm by the hammer that was used to break it." To Hilde
  • "Fenrarogant." "The aura of arrogance carried by the Fenrir."
  • "Poke a Mango. I do not like this."
  • Poke a mango.jpg


  • It is said that he is only 7 years old.
  • He always stops to help a wounded owl.
  • AP's Wu Tang Name is Mad Swami.

Battle Scars

  • Claw marks across his left eye, superficial.
  • Burn Marks across his back, White Hair, Superficial.
  • Scar across his throat, -1 social when speaking.


Survivor of Hong Kong Proxy
  • This is on his left, inner forearm.

Homid Form


OOC Information

Player: Travis Page

MES Number:US2002021965

Location:Colorado Springs Colorado

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