Archmage Archimedes

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Camarilla/Anarch PC

Player: Justin G
Character: Archmage Archimedes
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Sheriff
Domain: Chicago, IL
VST: Rocky Batton

Character Information

Name: Archmage Archimedes

Clan: Tremere

Accepted as a member of the Camarilla

Enforcer as Sheriff of Chicago, IL
Privileged as Sheriff of Chicago, IL

Loyal by Prince Andre Spade

Notable Traits

He is always dressed in shorts, his geometric shirt, green vest, orange bow-tie, and league of legends hat.

Title or Position

  • Sheriff of Chicago


Public Information: Archmage Archimedes has only recently become a public member of the Camarilla in Chicago. For the period of a few weeks, he had claimed Praxis of Chicago. When he took Praxis, he claimed that he would only hold it until one of the two leading candidates stepped forward and took it. When this happened it was a violence free transition. He is known for spending most of his time playing with new technology and computers.

Archmage Archimedes possesses the ability to create fire at will. He has most notably done so in the defense of the primary Elysia, The Succubus Club, on multiple occasions.

Easily Researched Information: This is information that a deep google search combined with a lexus nexus search, and countless hours spent in your local library doing research could easily uncover. Archmage Archimedes's real name is actually Jimmy Cooper and he went missing from the University of Chicago 5 years ago. He is still presumed missing. His family is very worried about him and have set up an informational website talking about Jimmy's life with pictures and email links to the police and private detectives they have hired. The website is down often and often replaced with a simple black page, or an error 404 page.

Known Associates

Clan Mates

City of Chicago

Uncategorical Others


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  • He is the reason the Succubus Club burned down. -Anonymous
  • He is rumored to have made kindred fly. -Anonymous


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  • "Does your idea have to do with fire?" -Anonymous

Character Inspiration

  • Comic Book Nerd from the Simpsons
  • Every gamer ever

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Chicago, IL
Player: Justin G
Storyteller: Rocky Batton

Player: Justin G. US2013040129

MES Number: US2013040129

Location: Chicago, IL