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Each Justicar selects a number of minions, known as Archons, to act in his name as suits his purposes. If the Justicars are the hands of the Inner Circle, then the Archons are the fingers on those hands. No Justicar can be everywhere he might need, or wish, to be, and Archons can often make certain his presence is felt if not seen. Archons, although they are part of the Camarilla hierarchy of power, are not so far removed from typical Kindred unlife that they cannot observe it or gain the trust of other Kindred outside the hierarchy; this makes them ideal watchers. Some Kindred attempt to gain favorable attention from an Archon, in the hope that she will mention them to her master. Such attempts often backfire, as continued efforts to curry favor are more likely to encourage suspicion.

Archons are typically chosen from the upper ranks of Ancilla and occasionally Elders of lesser station. Such a prestigious appointment can make or break a Kindred's career in the halls of power. Justicars occasionally choose Archons to carry out specific missions, and sometimes prefer political savvy, insight and skill over recognition.

An Archon's position typically lasts for as long as a Justicar wishes to retain her, or the length of the Justicar's tenure. It is not unheard of for a new Justicar to retain an Archon who served with his predecessor, provided the Archon understands to whom she now owes allegiance. Most times, though, a Justicar prefers to select an entirely new staff, particularly if the last one left under strange or bitter circumstances.

Current Archons (Listed Under Their Relevant Justicars)

Eleanor De Valois (Brujah)

Eluwilussit (Gangrel)

Marissa Cole (Malkavian)

Damaris (Nosferatu)

Katherine of Montpellier (Toreador)

Ferdinand Di Santo (Tremere)

Shar-Sin (Ventrue)

Previous Archons