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Character Information


Name: Ardu Lili

Seeming: Darkling

Kith: Nightsinger/Whisperwisp

Court: South

Freehold: Court of Saintly Beasts, NYC

Quote: Well of course you have a boyfriend. Why do you think I approached you? Now if you wouldn't mind giving him a call so he can join us, then the real fun can begin.


He's the kind of man that makes fathers lock their daughters away and straight college jocks react with aggression due to having to deal with complex feelings regarding their sexuality. He is seductive and entrancing and you'll just follow him anywhere.

Pale, thin, flame-haired and gorgeous. As a mortal. As a changeling, his paleness is magnified, as well as the color of his hair and unearthly beauty and fragility. His clothing is ostentatious, with a patchwork cloak and bright red shirt.

His eyes are large to see better in the dark, and his voice shares the qualities of those that sing in the night.

Mantle (South 3):

Come away, O human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a faery, hand in hand,
For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand.
~ W.B. Yeats, The Stolen Child


About: Eminently cheerful and full of verve. He basically bleeds music and seduction. His emotions run the gamut from the highest peaks to the deepest nadirs, but he seems to enjoy every moment of it.

ArduPoint.png Exceptional performer on the flute, mountain dulcimer, and with his voice.

ArduPoint.png Lives in Chinatown with his Motleymate, Patxi

ArduPoint.png Doesn't discriminate when it comes to sex and love. At all. No holds barred.

ArduPoint.png Works as a high priced "Escort" and performer .

Known History: In early 2002, Aaron Lilly was captured by his Keeper after a recital and forced to act as a lure for other mortals for the next seven years. He returned to NYC in 2009, along with Patxi (Ephraim Gregor), after they escaped the Merchant and later that year, joined the South Court.



Feel free to add rumors.

ArduPoint.png It's said he escaped from his Keeper by having a performance competition.

ArduPoint.png He may have lovers high in politics in NYC

ArduPoint.png He steals the hearts of so many people because he has no heart of his own, and only pretends to have the feelings he shows


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ArduPoint.png "In terms of lowering someone's inhibitions, I'm better than alcohol."

Well, I’ve got the heart of a hustler
With a hustler’s pain
I’ve got the heart of a hustler
With all the hustler’s shame
I’ve got the body of a lover
With a masochist's brain
I’ve got the heart of a hustler
I’m playing a dangerous game
~ Josef Salvat, Hustler



ArduPoint.png Patxi

ArduPoint.png Tommy

Lovers and Admirers

ArduPoint.png Jin

Time Wasters



Ties Sought

ArduPoint.png Lovers, both current and former

ArduPoint.png Rivals (possibly because of the former lover situation)

OOC Information

Player: Shawn Roberts

MES Number: US2008082664

Location: NY-004-D

VST: Abby Estes

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