Arelle Sandwich

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Accord PC

Player: Abbey Kraus
Creature Type: Changeling
Division: ENTER INTO
City: Cincinnati
VST: Samuel Swicegood

Arelle Sandwich

Seeming: Elemental

Court: Autumn

Court autumn color.png


Beneath her thick curly wild hair leaves seem to be stuck, those that fall out wisp around her as if caught in a storm then continue to twist and crumple until they turn to dust.

Entitlement: Order of the Oneirophysics

Order of the Oneirophysics.png


  • Dream Healer
  • The Sand Witch
  • Physic

Notable Traits:

Her hair looks to be constantly blowing in a sandstorm. Her skin looks dusted like the Sands from the Middle East. Her eyes shine like the blistering desert sun and her clothes show off her wandering gypsy nature.

About Arelle

While she may not stay in one place for a long time she sticks around until her job is done. That job being aiding in fights toward the back. She sets up her own safe zone as a mobile hospital unit. She's not afraid to sacrifice herself either and that has earned her the high rank in the Dream Healers. Her mask is riddled with the scars she took on to heal those in need, she doesn't like to show it off though more placing others in a spotlight. She knows battles are won by both the fighters, and the healers.


  • "I can fix that."