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Ares Logo.png


Accord PC

Player: Kyle Broekers
Creature Type: Changeling
Division: None
City: Tucson, Arizona
VST: David Musgrove

Character Information

Name: Ares, God of War

Creature Type: Changeling (only IC knowledge to those who have a way of detecting it)

Notable Traits: Huge, muscular, looks like he walked out of Ancient Greece.

Mien: A metallic statue resembling his Mask, with licks of flame going up and down seemingly at random.

Title or Positon: GOD OF WAR

IC Talk

Ares in full battle armor.

Allies & Friends:

  • Pythia (Accord) - Ares' high priestess and companion
  • JT - A brother-in-arms in Tucson.
  • Rio Rio - A spirited young woman who has piqued Ares' curiosity

Enemies and Rivals:

  • Add yourself here, if desired?


  • Believes he's the God of War
  • Wait...he's not the God of War
  • No he really is the God of War
  • Ares traveled to the center of the Hedge to retrieve Hera Pears from the tree that grows there, to save cellmates.
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  • "I shall destroy Kronos, and any other Titan that threatens this world. They shall be ground beneath my heel." - Ares
  • "He's almost as stubborn as me, and that's saying a lot, but you couldn't have a better partner in war than a god." - Juliette d'Escouperie
  • "Gods always seem to get credit when something good finally happens in the world. Can't say it's entirely undeserved in this case." - Dr. Hertz
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OOC Information

Ties Sought:

  • Red Veil Academy survivors
  • Lost Pantheon members
  • Other characters who believe they are gods, or related to them, or descended from them, etc.
  • Anybody else who might have interesting interactions with/reactions to a god of war :-P


  • Greek Mythology (obviously)
  • Don Quixote
  • Musical Inspiration/Soundtrack: Two Steps from Hell - Invincible (Album)

Player: Kyle Broekers

MES Number: US2011067798

Location: Seattle, WA