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Order of the Hallowed Garden


A soft-spoken young woman with dark blue hair, striking features and a mild limp.


An ethereal woman with a hauntingly beautiful voice. A glittering pattern of fish scales decorate her legs, with small patches on her face as well.


Winter Mantle 4 & Spring Court Goodwill 2 & Summer Court Goodwill 1 – The fog and chill of the ocean as it crests against a craggy cliff, following her everywhere.


AriaNote.png Buddy
AriaNote.png Gwen
AriaNote.png Travlr
AriaNote.png Topo


“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

― Jacques Yves Cousteau

Following the death of her husband, Aria's joyous demeanor has been dulled and her dreams cast away. Though she acts dutifully to protect her charges (no matter the shape they take), her actions are all cast in the light of her sorrow. She no longer wears flowers and shells in her hair, choosing instead to don colder tones and shades and fewer embellishments.
Notable Traits:
AriaNote.png Dark blue hair.
AriaNote.png Green-tipped fingers.
AriaNote.png Ethereal appearance (Striking Looks 4).
AriaNote.png Voice has a melodic, distracting quality (Siren Song).


AriaNote.png Dec 26, 1932 - Born in Galveston, TX.
AriaNote.png 1951 - Kidnapped and taken into Arcadia.
AriaNote.png 2012 - Escapes the Hedge into Austin, TX.
AriaNote.png 2012 - Meets Viktor Stark in Austin.
AriaNote.png Begins drifting around the Gulf Coast.
AriaNote.png 2013 - Joins the Emerald Court (Spring).
AriaNote.png 2013 - Meets Kidd Fox off the coast of Louisiana.
AriaNote.png 2013 - Attends the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival in San Francisco and meets SantaAna.
AriaNote.png 2013 - Attends the Voodoo Music Experience in NOLA and meets Elise Fairview.
AriaNote.png 2014 - Attends a set by Addison Dreschner on the coast of Georgia.
AriaNote.png 2014 - Meets Buddy while travelling with Addison.
AriaNote.png 2015 - Attends the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival in North Carolina and encounters Mickey Slim.
AriaNote.png January 23, 2016 - Returns to Austin following leads on personal matters.
AriaNote.png February, 2016 - Becomes Councilor of the Freehold of the Lonestar under the Vernal King, Osip.
AriaNote.png April, 2016 - Annointed as Vernal Queen of the Freehold of the Lonestar.
AriaNote.png April, 2016 - Stepped down as Queen so that Stephen Christiano would be the Vernal King.
AriaNote.png June, 2016 - Inducted into the Order of the Hallowed Garden by Doug Hund.
AriaNote.png August, 2016 - Married to her love, the High King and Summer Sovereign, Osip, taking the name Aria Osip.
AriaNote.png October, 2016 - Osip takes his own life, Aria is crowned High Queen after drawing the sword from his chest.
AriaNote.png October, 2016 - The Freehold of the Lonestar is dissolved by Loyalist interlopers.
AriaNote.png October, 2016 - Austin bands together to forge a new Freehold, with Aria as the Dowager Queen.


AriaNote.png "Aria! I'm so grateful for her. I'm still trying to figure everything out, but I don't know where I would be without her. I hope she'll be my maid of honor. It's not like I really have anyone else." - Topo
AriaNote.png "Aria has been immeasurably helpful to my dear Topo in her short time here, and she has given me what most others have not: a chance." - Sir Caedfel
AriaNote.png "She is very helpful." - Julian Crane
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AriaNote.png Some say she is drawn to the sea almost obsessively.
AriaNote.png She often asks others if they love her because she is very insecure.
AriaNote.png Her voice was stolen by her Keeper, which is why she uses text to speech apps.
AriaNote.png Her bubbly personality and bright visage are her masks she uses to hide the darkness inside her.
AriaNote.png Aria's concern with Osip abdicating the Throne had nothing to do with the Crown. She's in love with him!
AriaNote.png Nah, Aria's too vapid to be in love with any one person.
AriaNote.png Add your rumors here.
AriaNote.png Add your rumors here.



Aria's Hollow presents itself as a waterside property with wide open spaces, lots of natural light, and a very modern and relaxed feel. It appears to have everything a somewhat luxurious home would. In reality, her home is primarily aquatic in nature with most rooms featuring deep, clear salt waters that is always just the right temperature. For the land-inclined, her marble floors are decorated in lavish pillows, cushions and blankets as the only form of seating to be found (but it is surprisingly comfortable). One can find just about anything one might need in her marine safe-haven, so long as it is not technological in nature; from refreshments to reading materials.

Aria, as Osip's widow, serves as the new guardian and owner of Osip's Tavern


AriaNote.png Aria's Playlist
AriaNote.png Ruskala
AriaNote.png Sirens and Naiads
AriaNote.png La Llorona


Changeling PC

Player: Cristina B.
Character: Aria Zennor
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Minstrel, Swimmerskin
Court: Winter
Freehold: Freehold of the Lone Star
VST: Daniel T.

AriaNote.pngPlayer: Cristina B
AriaNote.png MES Number: US2013020040
AriaNote.png Location: Austin, TX
AriaNote.png This Wiki is for a fictional character to be played in the Mind's Eye Society Changeling the Lost game. All resemblance to a person, real or fictional, is unintentional.
AriaNote.png Please contact for ties.

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