Ariadne Threadbinder

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Awakening PC

Player: Your Name
Path: Acanthus
Order: Apostate
Legacy: none
Position: none
Consilium: Savannah, GA
City: Savannah, GA
Cabal: none
VST: Jason Arons


Birth Name: Gwen Miller

Shadow Name: Ariadne

Sleeper Alias: Madame Ariadne, Fortune Teller for Hire

Quote: "Everything is connected. Everything."


  • August, 2010 - Parents kick her out of house, takes to the streets. Develops a fortune-teller persona.
  • Sept, 2013 - Scrapes together enough to rent a tiny office off River Street, starts advertising herself as a palm-reader to the tourist crowd.
  • March, 2014 - Awakened in Savannah, GA

Character Description

Physical Description: Ariadne is a wide-eyed young woman somewhere in her mid-twenties. Her hair is dark and relatively short, a few strands always managing to be out-of-place. Her mode of dress tends to be somewhere between a hippie and a hobo, but with her "job" as one of the few fortune-tellers who regularly advertises, her hole-in-the-wall office on River Street suits her well.

Personality: She has an ethereal kind of air and always seems to be listening to something that no one else can really hear. She can often be found walking a meandering path, tracing threads of fate as they wind through the area around her. It's often unclear as to whether she's simply being a mage or if she's actively delusional.


She seems to be wrapped in a tangle of many-colored strands, entwined in a complex knot around her. There is the faint scent of incense, and the sensation of someone lightly touching your palm.

Looking For

  • Other Acanthus
  • Ties, character and otherwise
  • Loose ends
  • Meaning in a befuddling universe


  • Ariadne is twenty pounds of crazy in a five pound bag
  • She simultaneously stole the hearts of both Rumor and Achilles barely having said more than "hello."
  • She is a great artist, like, woah.
  • Although she can do magic, she doesn't ever do it for her clients; it's all a scam.
  • Supposedly, she's an expert on string theory.
  • Cried when she first heard the story of the Gordian Knot.
  • Is best friends with Rumor.


  • "Ariadne's so cooool!! We're knot-buddies! And fate-buddies! And buddy-buddies!" - Rumor


  • Mythological Ariadne
  • Miscellaneous Oracles, Prophets, Seers, and Augurists
  • River Tam from Firefly
  • Parker from Leverage


  • Windmills of Your Mind - Dusty Springfield
  • Across the Universe - The Beatles
  • Dancing Through Life - Wicked
  • All the Things She Said - T.A.T.U.