Ariana Rodin

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Character Information
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Breed: Homid
Pack: Tomorrow's Promise
Sept: Sept of The Tor
Rank: Fostern
Glory: ••••• •
Wisdom: •••
Player: Denetra Milner
Storyteller: Tori Hendricks

A little about Ari

From an outward observation, Ariana is tall and statuesque, with a defined Russian jaw and dark eyes. She holds herself in a way that suggests either training, or just a natural air of confidence. She is always dressed in the latest trends. If she is seen wearing jeans, they are something that probably shouldn't be off of the rack. She takes pride in the way she looks, all the way down to her manicured nails.
Prior to her change, she was a cheerleader for the local high school. She spent time on her school work, never allowing herself to get less than the best grades, and she was a mentor for others. Her change during the summer before her Junior year left her world shaken, but she quickly bounced back and finished school while going through training.
After high school, she took classes online to get her Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and after getting her degree, she opened a club in the larger city of Lee's Summit, near her home town of Lone Jack. Her club is called the Red Square, giving hints to her Russian heritage if her accent did not. She keeps an eye on her investment, but leaves the managing of the club to someone with less of a temper.
Ariana's pure breeding within her tribe set her up to have a relationship formed with a kinfolk named Vittorio Civella. This all changed recently when, after years of the social norm, the kinfolk went through his first change later in life, shocking everyone who knew him. Having been cleared of any wrongdoings, she's doing what she can to put distance between herself and the former relationship that could have had potentially disastrous results. As of late, her demeanor has be come more cold and distant, and her humor is found less often. But, in true Shadow Lord nature, she shows no weakness because of this.
It should be known that she doesn't take well to vulgarities or insults thrown in her direction, especially if they are meant to provoke her. With everything that has happened in her life recently, she's been reacting with aggressive tendencies. Mostly, the aggression has been focused toward protecting Gaia, but occasionally it spills out into challenging others over threats and angry words. If anything can be said about Ari right now... she's definitely backing up her words with her claws.
Died serving Gaia and fighting the Wyrm, September 21, 2013.

The Pack


Tomorrow's Promise

Kestrel in Red Oak at Dawn
Forrest Shawhan "Fire in the Belly"
Dawn Blanchard "Hidden Strength"
Tony Mills "Sings the Wire Invisible"
Colin Smith "Gets the Digits"
Vitto Civella


  • Ari is seriously one of my favorite people at this Sept. Now we may not agree on how things should be done when it comes to tribal issues, but when it comes down to someone to talk to, or someone to joke around with Ari has always been the best to me. Her strength and compassion will stick with me and I gladly fight with her at my side. It is rumored that Shadowlords can't be trusted, if that is true then the rumormongers haven't met Ari. Tackles the Mountain
  • "I probably shouldn't trust Arianna. I have, and so far I have no regrets. I think that I'll prefer to keep finding people like her who surprise me and to keep trusting, even when those who aren't her equal spoil it for those like her. Still...don't turn your back on her in a barfight, kay? She's not *all* puppies and rainbows." - Twilight Star

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