Aries Sachi

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Aries Sachi

A monster is but a God seen through fearful eyes.

Character Description

Aries is first and foremost a pirate. Pirate clothing, pirate demeanor. Her most notable feature; four arms. She builds armies, legions: needs the arms to do such.

Her goal, along with her packs: take down the enemies at the source. The supplies are consumed by the pack mates. The weapons and anything that can be used for her armies are broken apart and placed in her storage containers for later use.

Public Knowledge

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Name: Aries Sachi

Clan: Tzimisce

Sect: Sabbat

Embraced: 1380

Generation: Pretender Elder (8th)


  • Babymaker

Status: 2


  • Abbot of

Current Location: Puerto Rico



Sired by: random npc
Embraced: 1380


  • 1360 - born in Norway as Astrid Balstad She was well educated (in history and languages). She also had a knack for building things using mundane items found around the house.
  • 1380 - embraced
  • 1380-1390 - travels the world with her sire. Finding out things the hard way as being a Tzimisce is all about survival.
  • 1395 - joined with her Tzimisce brethern to take the elders down and cut a swath across Europe. Formed a crude Pack with other Tzimisce, taking part in the vaulderie to break the ties to their sires/elders.
  • 1400 - Joins up with Lugoj to take down the Tzimisce Antediluvian.
  • 1420 - Builds an army of Szlachtas and other creatures to aid the Anarchs
  • 1420 - Romania. Connects with Sofia Drăculești (Allie Pitchford) to wreak havoc.
  • 1470 - The original crew is established.


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  • "Your rumor here."


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Player Information

Holli H

Cam Number: US2002034112
Home Domain: Austin, TX
Email: Holli H


Character Information
Clan: Tzimisce
Sect: Sabbat
City: [[Category: Masquerade|]]
Player: Holli H.
Storyteller: MES Online Sabbat VST