Arlen Sief

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Character Information
Clan: Mekhet ••••
Bloodline: Norvegi
City: Hamilton, ON ••••
Player: Craig Jonasson
Storyteller: Kyle Plate

Name: Arlen Sief

Clan: Mekhet

Covenant: Lancea Sanctum

Clan Status: 4

Notable Traits: Striking looks 2, Scars of hands and body

Title or Position: Priscus for the Mekhet

Requiem: Martyr

Masquerade: Investigator

Information Known by the Lancea Sanctum

  • Former Assassin for the Lancea
  • Former Paladin
  • Former Inquisitor

Information Known by Kindred Society


  • Sire: Unknown

Known Childer

  • Duke Sief (Lancea Sanctified, Hamilton, ON)
  • Johnathan Sief (Unaligned, Hamilton, ON)

Kindred Relations



  • Arlen is rumored to have conducted active assassinations up until 1990 including members of all covenants and Belials Brood.
  • Believed to still be an active follower of the faith of the Lancea Sanctum after abandoning the covenant in the 1800's

Quotes from him

  • I prefer to avoid the trade in blood. My hands have dealt with it enough to know it is always a temporary solution.
  • I did not kill them because I am mad. I killed them because they interrupted my feeding. It is about establishing a firm and clear presence of respect between the hunter and the prey.The weak have allowed them to believe they are the Hunter. They must be reminded of why they fear shadows.

Quotes from others

  • To say that Mr. Sief is Unaligned is to miss the point entirely. He is aligned... to himself and to the city. He just doesn't give a damn about the powers and principalities of the covenants. I envy him his freedom but I know that it, like every other luxury in the Danse Macabre, must come at a price. Olof Skarsgård


  • Available on Request

Looking for Ties

  • Other Mehket (Family?)
  • Members of the LS prior to 1800's

OOC information

Portrayed by Craig Jonasson, Ca200505002 Email: