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Character Information
Auspice: Ithaeur
Tribe: Bone Shadows
Renown: ••••• ••••• •••• ••
Cunning: ••
Glory: ••
Honor: •••
Purity •••••
Wisdom •••••
Pack: [[{{{Pack}}}]]
City: Vieques, Puerto Rico
Player: Trason D
Storyteller: Colin Douglas

Real Name: Armando

Deed Name: Knower of all the Shit

Pack: Hunter's Strike

Position: Ritemaster

Age: 39

Backstory and Personality


  • Is a Firetouched infiltrator.
  • He's not calm and collected, he's just a sociopath.


  • "I think he might be snarkier than me, and more charming, and that's... that's just not allowed, Mr. Most Handsome Werewolf." - Isnana
  • "Duuuude, Armando is cool man! I wanna hang out with this guy more. I don't think he appreciates my sound but he's someone cool to talk to about spiritual matters." - DJ Radix
  • "I find him very interesting. He has knowledge of spirits I would like to share. It is always good to have a different perspective. Regrettably, the only time I met him, we were too busy to compare notes" - Bobcat
  • "Armando and I do the same thing, but very differently. He talks in diagonals that look like straight lines. I talk in straight lines that look like loop-de-loops." - Isnana

OOC information

Player Name: Trason D. US2004102273

Location: Olympia, WA

Other Info: