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Character Information

Name: Armin Valerius

Clan: Daeva

Bloodline: Spina

Covenant: Invictus

Status: 3

Notable Traits: Elegant and focused Armin seems to always switch between cold and impersonal to warm and open. He is known by his white suit with maroon shirt and always speaks with exceptional politeness.

Introductory Form of Address: The Right Honorable Knight Ser Armin Valerius of the Order of the Thorned Wreath, Alder Marquis of Elkhorn Nebraska, Reeve of Omaha Nebraska

Formal Form of Address: Ser Reeve


Sire: Astra Valerius

Broodmates: List coming

Childer: Sir Sandoval Valerius, Ambrosia Valerius

Grandchilder: None

Rumors and Quotes


  • His resolve is so strong that not even the devilish rogue of the Midwest, Duke Jessite White is able to make him crack.
  • He is not really a Spina, he is a Ventrue that has trained the Knights Steele so well that they simply slay his enemies while he yells at them.

Known to Have Said

  • Why would you want me to be more talkative if I am keeping your lives secure, I would enjoy a civil discussion, and would only feel right to give you my full attention away from the danger presented to you until then I would like to focus less on a conversation and more on your defense.

Words Spoken Of

  • "I am very relived and thankful to know that he has my back and is watching out for me." - Lief Ragnarsen
  • "The number of kindred I know I can always count on to perform with honor and propriety is few and at the top of them is Sir Armin Valerius, few Knight Captains are so fortunate as to have one as honorable as he to provide council." Dame Savannah Davenshire
  • "Deserving of so much more then he is given, and humble enough to taken what is needed. He is among the best of us, in every form and fashion." ~ Ser Lodewijk Van Tollenaar
  • "When I look upon him, I realize why I am not a knight. For if I was to attempt to become it, I would weep for being unable to attain his humility." - Duke Jessie White
  • "He is like a father to us, and in us, he instilled the belief that the truest bond of family is not blood, but of respect and trust. His lessons act as a rock thrust into the pool of our lives- while they are past, the ripples of them know no logical end. I can think of no better member of the Unconquered to have tutored us." ~ Dame Knight Steele

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Daeva ••
Covenant: Invictus ••••
City: Omaha, NE •••
Player: Jason Haynes
Storyteller: Angel Hughes

Soundtrack Inspiration

Mozart Opera Rock - Le Bien qui fait mal
The Decemberists - The Wanting Comes in Waves
Sunna - Power Struggle
Kill Hannah - I Wanna Be A Kennedy

Player Info

Player: Jason Haynes

MES Number: US2005106712

Location: Lincoln, NE