Armin Wiemann

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Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Kansas City, MO
Player: Colin L
Storyteller: Russel M.


Armin, in the flesh

Known by the Harpies

Aliases: Skinner
Sire: John the Leper (NPC)
Broodmates: Unknown
Known Childer: Unknown
Residence: Kansas City, MO

Camarilla Status:
Confirmed as an Ancilla of Clan Nosferatu (Abiding)
Loyal as noted by Cybele Malveaux, Harpy of Wasteland Kansas City (Fleeting)


Armin's true form is that of a short (5'6") and slight, yet wiry and muscular man who has literally had his skin peeled off. Muscles, cartilage, and other exposed tissues glisten slightly with interstitial fluid. Seeing Armin walk, talk, and go about his business has been described as like watching a plastinated corpse from a Body Worlds exhibition come to life. It has also been described as "highly disturbing", "disgusting", "a Masquerade breach", and other, less printable turns of phrase.

On the occasions where Armin feels it necessary to obscure his skinlessness, he usually appears as a young man of 30 or so with the same build, no visible hair, and albinism. Regardless of the face he's wearing, his clothing is always simple, comfortable, and functional, favoring athletic garments. He rarely wears shoes.

Armin, Masked for Public Consumption


Born into a family of acrobats, Armin was a true son of the circus. He will gladly mention if asked that he performed in the circus his entire mortal life; his final performance was the day he died. His outward demeanor is often pleasant and civil, and a smile can usually be found on his face. Armin tends to eschew the use of Obfuscate in 'safe' locations, secured against the presence of mortals, letting all his true, skinless, slightly damp glory shine for all to see.


1871: Birth Near Delavan, Wisconsin.

1904: Cursed by his sire during that year's Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

1914 - 2000: Theoretically anywhere in the US with a rail connection.

2014: Rendered torpid in Kansas City while gathering intelligence on invading Sabbat under the orders of then-Prince Forbes.

2015: Reportedly still in Kansas City, serving intermittently as Sheriff Lane's deputy.


Massive Attack - Eurochild

Cake - Comfort Eagle

Sneaker Pimps - Low Place Like Home

The Dust Brothers - Fight At Bar

FC Kahuna - Hayling

Psychic Ills - Fingernail Tea

Imaad Wasif - The Oracle