Armina Adler

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Character Information
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Iron Masters {{{{{Tribedots}}}dots}}
Renown: {{{{{Renowndots}}}dots}}
Cunning: •••
Glory: ••
Purity ••••
City: San Juan, PR
Pack: Grim's Reapers
Player: Terry Broekers
Storyteller: [ Colin Douglas]

Real Name: Armina "Mina" Adler

Deed Name:

Pack: Grim's Reapers

Position: Beta

Age: Appears to be late 20s, maybe 30. OOC, is about to turn 40


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Quotes, From or About:

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Family, Friends, Pack, Etc.:

  • Yuisa - Packmate, Ritualist of Grim's Reapers
  • Rolf Adler - Brother & Alpha
  • Benjamin Blake - Packmate & good friends.
  • Jose - deceased - Mina tries to keep him from doing the dumb, with mixed results
  • Sunny Wolf - Cousin of Rolf's wife. Family
  • Chelsea - A wolf-blooded in PR with good intentions, but not always the best implementations
  • Hugh McKenna - Alpha of the Silver Crusade, of which Mina is Beta
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Backstory and Personality

Armina Adler is the younger sister of Rolf Adler, famous among werewolves for his amazing weapons. There's about a 12-13 year difference in age between the two, and Mina was born later in their parents' lives. Her Rahu nature manifested young: she started showing signs of being a fighter around age 4, around the same time Rolf Changed, so Rolf was a big influence on the young Mina, keeping her from getting herself killed or thrown in juvenile detention. Thankfully, she Changed not even two weeks after her 18th birthday, and found a focus for her heretofore volatile nature. Now, over two decades later, she's settled into her role of Beta of Grim's Reapers, taking care of the pack's secondary location in Puerto Rico.

A few years ago, Mina decided she was ready to seek a mate and have children. She is currently pursuing Benjamin Blake, and will never deny her feelings for him.

Mina is a Defender, so she is very protective of those in her pack and those she loves, and protects those weaker than herself on general principle. She's stubborn and strong willed

OOC information

Player Name: Terry Broekers, US2010076351

Player Location: Renton, WA (Seattle area)

Character Location: Puerto Rico

Other Info: