Armor of the Drake

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Armor of the Drake Venue Style Sheet (EC Region)

Application #USA-EC-WA-1304-000448

When and Where games are most often held: Ross Commons at Drexel University, - 1st Saturday around 3pm

For More info contact VST.

Check out the Philadelphia Domain Facebook Page and our website.


Our story starts with the arrival of Children of Gaia and their kin arrive in the new world. They were part of a group known as Quakers and were given a charter to found the Pennsylvania Colony. Upon their arrival they were met with Lenape Indians. Instead of fighting with these Indians the Quakers negotiated and came to peaceful terms. In 1683 a deed was formed between the Native Americans and the Quakers founding the 1st parcel of land that would eventually become Abington Township. The 1st Deed was signed by 7 Indians as well as some of the settlers and accompanied a special note from Chief Tamanend.

The Uktena were among the Indians They also negotiated with the Children of Gaia. They lived in peace for a while.. But it was clear to the Uktena that they were needed to fight elsewhere and to take care of their traditional homes farther to the west. So they worked out a Deal with the Children of Gaia in the area.. They agreed to build a Caern to watch over the land and the city that would soon be growing close by. In the Spring of 1697 the Caern building took place creating a Caern devoted to Duck.. a totem of the Children of Gaia a totem of love to watch over the City of Brotherly Love. The Quakers at that time also founded Abington Friends School so that their future generations can be educated.

As the City grew the human population became more then the Garou could control.. The rate of immigration to the City increased the population and the problems of the city. Soon it was obvious that we had leeches living among the people here and that even they have made the trip across the ocean.

In 1832 twenty Tetrasomian Garou Passed thru The Caern on their way to Philadelphia to see some Large Spirit. These garou ended up forming what we know as the Iron Riders. With this a new age started in America. Rail Lines started to be built everywhere eventually crossing the country. Tracks passed within a few miles of the Caern with street calls running on tracks running close by as well. It was apparent steps were going to need to be taken to protect the land from the encroachment of the City.

About 50 years later some odd Garou calling themselves Glasswalkers came seeking the City Father of Philadelphia. Some of these Garou started to stick around and call this place home. These Garou helped push back against the Weaver.. They used the system against itself. They gathered influence and sway over the mortals and created laws that protected our land. They took up residence inside the city itself and reduced the crime and pollution and cleaned up neighborhoods. Unfortunately even their power waned after a while. The passing of the RICO act as well as other groups in the city started sucking up the influence. On the bright side leech activity seemed to have decreased at this time. Our Glasswalkers still have influence in the city. But nothing like they used to have.

To the North the quiet Suburban town of Willow Grove turned into the Wild West in 1972. There were all sorts of rumors and tales of high noon shootouts and cowboys and all sorts of fighting going on. All of the reports centered around Willow Grove Park. The Chaos continued until the park was closed in 1976.

In 2002 All Hell Broke loose. Ratkin started crawling up out of the sewers and causing a commotion.. They were breaking the veil.. they started assaulting our people more then they used to.. They started Frontal assaults on our Caern. We needed help with this.. The Garou Nation responded and helped push back this threat from the Ratkin.. Few of our Sept managed to survive past this.. If it wasn't for the Aid and Leadership of the King we would of surely been lost.

After the Dowsing of the Red Star we thought things would start to get better, but instead our Sept Leadership was targeted and assassinated by some groups leaving us with a very young group of Garou in charge.

The Sept is located just to the North of Philadelphia. Close proximity to the city makes it ideal for access to the city but also comes with the dangers of being in such an urban environment.

The Sept is run by a Council of Elders which consists of the Sept Elders(Major Sept positions) as well as Pack Alphas.

The Caern is a level 2 Caern of Wisdom with a totem of Duck. Caern will provide Empathy when opened. Ban of the totem is that you must not break up relationships.

Travel to the caern by mundane means is possible but avoid driving thru the city of Philadelphia. I-95 is safe enough but the rest of the city poses risks. Umbral travel to the caern should be avoided. Moonbridges may be opened by negotiation with the Gatekeeper.


Action: 7 Character Development: 9 Darkness: 10 Drama: 7 Intrigue: 4 Mystery: 8

Ratings & Rating Descriptions: 1 = Never Present / 3 = Sometimes Present / 5 = Often Present / 7 = Usually Present / 10 = Always Present

Physical: 2 Social: 4 Mental: 4

Traits most important to a PC for dealing with actual ST plot(Total of 10 Split)

The Garou Live in the Shadow of Philadelphia. A huge city corrupted by the Wyrm and Weaver. Corruption of the land as well as corruption of the Soul are key elements. The Umbra is a dark scary place as all the corruption is materialized there.

Venue rules


Renown is awarded only at the Moot which falls on the First Quarter of the moon cycle

  • You may only gain 1 Perm Renown per moot.
  • Renown comes from recommendations by other players.. So make sure to recommend renown to the VST.
  • Renown traits from MET - Laws of the Wild (1st) p.52 may be used to provide a RP story basis to why particular renown points were earned.
  • Renown can be removed by ST and/or players.

Storyteller Jurisdiction

An ST with jurisdiction must be present for death scenes. (The ST cannot have a Conflict of Interest if presiding; e.g. one cannot oversee one's own character's death.) In the EC region, for these purposes, jurisdiction is defined as an ST who is either in the venue's approvals chain or is an appointed assistant of an ST in said chain. At no time are Officers from other regions permitted to run scenes in the EC without the VST's approval. The only exceptions to this rule are the EC RST, the US NST, and the MST -- and even those officers are expected to report the incident to the VST in a timely manner.

Experience Awards

  • 3 xp for attending game
  • 1 xp for being in costume.
  • 1 xp for good RP and being In Character most of the game
  • 1 xp for scenes between games via Email or In person.
  • 1 xp for sending a downtime report

Max XP in a month: 6

Kill Boxes

Any time you enter a kill box you accept the possibility of a time freeze. This is especially true in regards to the weekends preceding conventions when time is most crucial. Death scenes are often contentious issues, and players should be aware that choosing to get involved constitutes agreement to accept all consequences of that choice.


Players who wish to proxy their characters into the venue for a game must submit the following documents, no later than 24 hours prior to the game: complete character sheet and XP log; brief write-up of the character’s attitude, personality and motivation for attending the game; brief write-up of the character’s intentions; brief write-up of the character’s reactions to possible situations. In addition, a proxying player is encouraged to find a local player to play their character.

All PC’s visiting the domain during downtime scenes must alert the storyteller. Visiting PC’s in downtime scenes are considered to be proxied to the venue as a hard proxy. No soft proxies will be accepted. Interaction occurring in the domain between players without the notification of the storyteller, is not sanctioned and is considered not to have occurred.

There is no such thing as a "soft" proxy. Any proxy into the EC region comes with the same risks and rewards as attending a game. By proxying, players accept these risks. Players in the EC region are required to notify their VST and DST when proxying out of your home domain by CC'ing the VST/DST on the proxy request.

Regionally Affecting Events

World altering events -- comets, large bombs or fires, earthquakes, any natural or unnatural disaster on a scale that would be reported on a regional or larger scale -- must be approved by the EC RST Prior to the plotline being run. Player-driven action that would make regional, national, or international news requires RST notification within 48 hours so that the regional office can apply appropriate consequences and/or spread the information in a timely manner.

Check In Rules

  1. All players will need to provide proof of membership and proof of MC class. Character Sheets must have signature of the player's Direct ST, as must the XP log. If distance makes a physical signature impossible, a digital signature or email stating that a character is approved may be substituted.
  2. Anything that is RST or higher approval must have the database approval code or the signature of the approving ST.
  3. Members of a venue must have Character Sheet on file with the VST.
  4. All item cards must be signed by the appropriate ST.

Visiting Characters

Players with characters from outside the Domain are encouraged to attend Philadelphia games. All characters and item cards must be approved by the Player’s own VST and the Philadelphia VST prior to the start of game. VST reserves the right to decline approval for any characters or items deemed unbalancing to the venue. It is strongly recommended those players with approvals and a lot of xp, including xp from creation email the VST prior to game to ensure they will be able to play their PC. Visitors may be asked to leave their fetishes or talens at home if they are found to be unbalancing to our game.

Aside from the restrictions already listed, players are asked to notify the local VST of their attendance at least 24 hours prior to the game when practical; 48 hours is preferred if the PC you wish to portray is of High or Top approval. (Please submit a copy of the character and its approval numbers and XP log with the notification.)

Gadgetry, Weird Fetishes, Etc.

Things that belong in a James Bond movie (e.g., spiritually-awakened Apache helicopters and the like) will generally not be allowed. The focus of the game should be on your character, not his or her stuff.

Player Advisory

The World of Darkness is not a happy place. From time to time, the Storytellers may use adult themes, vivid descriptions, and contentious social issues to bring the World of Darkness to life. For those familiar with the White Wolf tabletop material, some plot elements or themes could be considered "Black Dog" in flavor. Such themes and issues may include racism, sexism, bigotry, prejudice, sexual assault, and extreme violence. If at any time a player feels uncomfortable with a scene, the player should immediately inform the Storyteller running the scene. The Storyteller will either tone down scene so that the player is once again comfortable participating in it, or will excuse the player from the scene and hand the PC to a Narrator or other designated representative to finish out the scene without breaking continuity.

Please direct all questions about this Regional Venue Style Sheet to the office of the Regional Storyteller.

Character Creation Guideline

Characters should be created according the rules of the books and the addendum. Characters with their primary residence in Philadelphia must be attached to the VSS. All characters must have a background, so they are more than just points on paper. The storyteller holds rights to deny a concept if it does not fit in with the theme of the venue within Philadelphia.