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Mage PC

Player: Jon Hesley
Character: Arnold Drake
Path: Thyrsus
Order: The Adamantine Arrow
Order Status: o o o
VST: Jon Hesley

Character Information

Name: Arnold Drake (alias)

Path: Thyrsus

Shadow Name Dim

Order: Adamantine Arrow

Legacy: Orphans of Proteus

Archetype(s) Martial Artist

Notable Trait(s) Occultation 3, Intelligence 1

Title(s) First Degree Master of Life, Adept of Spirit, and Initiate of Time and Mind. Thunderbolt Guardian

OOC Information

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Player: Jon Kenneth Augustine Hesley

MES Number: US2009094694

Location: DFW, Texas South Central Region (PC Location Fort Worth, Texas)

Membership Class MC 8

Office(s) Mage VST Fort Worth

Character History

He was born slow, and small. He should not have survived, but for some reason he did. His parents spent what money they could, then insurance kicked in. Still it was not enough. His parents always resented him for that, although they would never admit it to him, family, or friends.

Arnold had the normal childhood of the abnormally slow mind. Growing up near the rail yard, he would often hear the freight trains going by at night. This wailing sound, like something is out there is dying as cars screech their way through the yard. Gears grind and trains bump. He would sometimes squeeze his eyes shut, believing that would wall out the sound. Sometimes, the noise would be too much and he would drown in it. Forgetting where he was, he felt is easier to escape into his dreams and imagination. Into a world where his parents do not resent him with silence, where children do not tease him, and strangers express sorrow to his parents not choosing to even acknowledge that he is standing right in front of them. That in a nutshell, was his childhood.

His day was the same – his parents demanded a scheduled predictability – for his safety they said. He did what they said, because they are his parents – even if they did not love him. He relished the times when they would let him be, where he could go outside and be with the world. Plants and animals were so much better than people. When you help someone in need, they resent it. When you help an animal in need, they return affection. Animals do not judge you, or expect you to be something you are not. This is how he saw the world growing up.

The catalyst to his change was in his early 20's. He still lived with his parents, their sufferance of him one of duty and not of love. Christian guilt prevented them from putting him where they wanted to. He came home, and ate as normal. Someone came to the door. Dad answered, and let them in. They were speaking Spanish, so he did not know what was said. All of a sudden, a loud BOOM sounded. Mom screamed, and told him to run. He always did as mom said. He ran, two more BOOMS rang out from the house as he left it behind. If they gave chase, they never found him. The woods he knew better than anyone, and he ran until he was at the darkest and deepest part of the woods.

He stayed out there for days, too scared to go back to the house. He knew where there was a small stream, and went there for water. Getting hungry, he scrounged. It was at that point he heard the sound of a small bird in pain.

He came across the little bird, it had fallen from the nest. He picked it up – it was so frightened. He climbed the tree and tried to put it back into the nest. He saw the egg shell it had just climbed out of, hatched and broken. The mother fought him from trying to put the bird into the nest, the child tainted by the touch of a human. In defending himself, and holding the little bird, and not wanting to hurt the mother, he lost his grip and fell.

With a crash, he fell and hit the floor of the woods. He looked around and saw that the little chick was dead from the impact. At that moment, everything became clear as his grief and insight collided. He was the chick. Like a bird climbing from its shell and nest, into a world of pain and solitude, he too was thrown from his nest and shell into an uncaring world. And, if he tries to reclaim the nest, the truth that he has now will die, and perhaps he will die with it. Everything was connected, all was oneness and nothingness at once.

He walked and walked. A woman found him eventually, and she held him and comforted him. She guided him, and answered his questions. His questions were not questions of why sad things happened to him, but were questions as to why the colors of the world were more alive now, the sounds more real, and everything seemed to be alive. Trees no longer were just pretty, they breathed and spoke as they stretched and grew. There was silent meaning behind the stares of animals, and the crickets were a chorus.

She told him he had Awakened from the Lie of Sleep, and she walked with him in light and shadow.


After he Awakens, he spends some time wandering.
He does not really recall how much time he spends wandering, and in his travels he meets many other Awakened and introduces them to what it means to be an Orphan.

With the recent death of his coven, Dim has taken to becoming a bit of a recluse while he copes with the magnitude of the loss of his closest friends. Currently, he has thrown himself into bodyguard duty for Maester and tries to allow duty to distract him.

Most recently Dim has been traveling in the capacity as a bodyguard to Councilor Maester acting as a bodyguard whenever Maester goes about his business and excursions. Dim has gained a reputation as a warrior, but seems to have a timid and modest attitude towards his accomplishments/


Non-Family Associates


  • He is quite erudite and a master of subterfuge - he only pretends to be dumb


The Seers of The Throne murdered his first coven, and his mentor. Now, he is looking for a new one. No one knows if he is seeking revenge or not.


  • "He's one of the most caring people I know. If others took example by him, this world would be a better place. People depend on him, and that's what counts." - Shy-Ram
  • "Ah, yes, Dim... I keep meaning to talk to him... for some reason he just... slips my mind." - Maester
  • "I owe Dim everything. Everything." - Alopex