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Character Information

I'm: Art

I'm also: Sparkly and supportive

I work with: The Third Lantern

Accord Status: 3

I'm known for: Interrogation, combat support, scouting, and fun! (And now, organizing information for the cell leader)

Position: Assistant Curator

About Art

Art was in the midst of his first 20-something crisis ("Do I become a doctor, or a professional quasi-legal botanist?") when he Awakened. A week later he found himself in the woods, where he lived for two years before he straightened himself out and wandered back into mainstream society. He found his way to a Church of Truth homeless shelter, then into a hospital, then into the Accord. He still gets headaches, sometimes.


Art never really got back into the whole 'personal hygiene' thing after his stint in the woods. He bathes regularly enough, but his scruff is usually unkempt and his hair a little greasy. has cleaned up some lately. He smiles less, but at least he doesn't look homeless? Otherwise he's your standard twenty-something stoner battling to save the world from Cthulhu-monsters.

Rumors (Add some)

  • He picked the name 'Art' because he's normally too far gone to remember his real one
  • He spends way too much time asleep in the Citadel
  • He and Nikolai get along way too well
  • He and Dani act really close... are they related? are totally related.
  • He's started demanding 'reports' from everyone, all the time. Kinda rude, if you ask me.
  • Isn't he still living on the streets?
  • He managed to freak out the centipede guy!
  • No, he did NOT spike your drink!
  • He totally spiked a cat's drink.
  • About midway through visiting Roanoke he just... stopped talking. For multiple days.

Quotes (Add some!)

By him

  • "Oh, YOU'RE the guy with the skin suit!"
  • "So we got this guy" Art gestures at Arthur, "who just talked down a fuck-knows-what," he gestures at Clanker the kerberoi, "from taking the eyes and/or limbs of sir fucks-a-lot," he gestures at Nikolai,"who made an honest mistake, and now Mr. FireDemon broke his oath to Katniss 'I Volunteer' Everfuck and now something Really Bad happens, but Mr. Fishnets also broke a law so Really Bad Stuff should still be happening and someone spoke in a language called 'vibrating rocks' and... What. The fuck. Just happened."
  • Looking between Dani, Senka, and Tom: "How do I end up here? With all the wee little beasties with the sharp little teethies? One who sings so very fair, one who cloaks herself in air, and one who plays with shadow's hair." He shakes his head. "Could be worse."
  • [assorted bad puns]
  • [assorted good puns]

About him

  • He definitely belongs in Bad Decision Theater. And I do love having a talkative Mage in the cell. - Senka
  • 'He's my kinda people, really. You know, the type that probably were sleeping on a park bench before they discovered the Accord, and are now doing the best they can to help even if they aren't all fightey-types." - Dani
  • "You have a level head. You're conscientious. You're dedicated. You have someone to vouch for you. Those are high marks where I come from." - Frank (To which Art responded, 'Fuck yeah.')

Associates (Add yourself!).

People he knows





OOC Information

Accord PC

Player: Brian
Creature Type: Mage
City: Boston
VST: Krista P

Player: Brian S

MES Number: 2014100129

Location: Boston, MA


Aspects (Stolen Borrowed from...)

High concept: Got the munchies for knowledge
Trouble: They're not taking anyone else