Artemis Kokkinos

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Apocalypse PC

Player: Jillian Christensen
Character: Artemis Kokkinos
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Black Furies
Rank: Adren
Domain: NY-012-I
VST: Brian Murphy

Character Information

Sept: Sept of Falling Waters

Pack Troubleshooters, children of Fox

Notable Traits: Artemis, seldom without her pack of nontraditional tricksters, merrymakers and ne'er-do-wells, holds court under the spray at the Sept of Falling Waters. She is never without her bow, Last Warning, and is as deadly with it as she is with her claws. When not engaged in battle with the forces of the Wyrm and male ignorance, she is sought for her unconventional wisdom and get it done attitude.

Title or Position: Auntie Artie, curmudgeonly matron.



  • "What? Oh, her. not fuck with her. Aside from her being my friend, she'd fuck you up ten times from Tuesday before anyone from her pack, let alone me, got there. She's capable, wonderful, and kind even if she tries to conceal it at times. She's family, of a kind."
  • "You mean I got peed on for nothing?" Artemis after moonbridging into a bathroom.
  • "I saw this Fury in action in Hong Kong, Falling Waters, and several other places I won't mention just now. Her moniker 'Quills' did not do her full justice, because she was compassionate as she wass lethal. Great to have on your side, death to have hunting you. And I will see answer made for her death. " Nicolae Dacla.

OOC Information

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Player: Jillian Christensen

MES Number: US2002034916

Location: Rochester, NY