Arthenion the Silent

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Character Information

Name: Arthenion, Arthur Enion

Seeming: Wizened

Kith: Oracle

Court: Autumn

Title or Position: Vizier (Office Of Vizieral Counsel)
Witch of the Bitter Wind (Academy of Ashes)

Age: Old

Notable Traits: He doesn't speak. His Wizard's hat appears to speak on behalf of him.


  • Masks
A worn down, middle aged man. Often dressed in a simple jogging suit, or on occasion jeans and a sports coat.
A tall bony man dressed in black robes that reach the ground over a red garment with bell sleeves. The shoulders of his outer robe are pointed and connect to a long, billowing cape with a blood red interior. Upon his head sits a mitre, in the center of which is a large ruby.
A young handsome man in his early 20s, dressed in the style of the day.
  • Mien
Black robes, black hat. Between the two is an impenetrable darkness from which only emanates two red, glowing, eyes.


  • Arthenion isn't a changeling. He's a Hedge Beast who uses an ensorcelled mortal to carry him around as a hat.
  • Arthenion is mute, and communicates telepathically with a Hedge Beast he befriended during his durance. In returning for freeing it, it now serves as his mouthpiece.

Quotes by Arthenion

  • "..."
  • "Does my research bother you? Make you uncomfortable? Then remind yourself that while I may concentrate on the occult side of Autumn, that feeling of reaction, that feeling of revulsion, is Fear. Let it buoy you. Let it fill you with purpose. But storm my Hollow and know you will not leave."
  • "If it causes you so much FEAR, then master it instead of giving into it, and in doing so, master yourself."
  • "I leave profit to you. The arcane secrets of supernatural beasts? Leave those to me."
  • "My business? My business is Fear."
  • "We Lost fear much, and mostly without reason. But there is so much more we SHOULD fear that don't."

Quotes about Arthenion

  • "An interesting fellow, I hope we see him return in the coming months of my own reign, should be fun to see how things pan out." - Winter King Eion Grave
  • "He seems to embody and understand all that is the Autumn court. I am rather fond of Arthenion he is a valuable and respected friend and allie." - Gizmer Clank
  • "Gee, this guys is really quiet! I finally heard his name and it was like, 'yup, makes sense.' He's a huge hand to have around, though. I've traveled with him and fought alongside him before against the LNM. He was a good dude, would be cool to run into him again!" - DJ Radix

Arthenion's Hollow

There is a used bookstore owned and operated by Arthur Enion. As an aside to the books, he also sells knick knacks, mostly toys you would see sold at a Renaissance Faire - blacksmith's puzzles and the sort. More recently he has begun using his shop as a a gallery for local artists at no cost.


In the Hedge, the Hollow appears to be large black tree trunk, fashioned to appear as a tall, thin tower, with the branches forming the parapets and crenelations. The roots form a natural labyrinth to any who approaches, changing shape to keep an intruder from reaching the entrance. To those who would approach by air, storm clouds surround the tower, with winds buffeting any who approach to land within the roots. The whole of it rests upon a island, seemingly ripped from the very ground of the Hedge. The underside of the island even has Thorns still attached to discourage any approach from that direction.


OOC Information

Character Information
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Oracle
Court: Autumn Court ••••
Entitlement: Office Of Vizieral Counsel
City: Austin, TX
Freehold: Freehold of the Lone Star
Player: Daniel Troncoso
Storyteller: Changeling Storyteller

Player: Daniel Troncoso

MES Number: US2014040074

Location: Austin, Texas - Alone in the Dark