Arthur Blackwell

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Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Philadelphia, PA
Player: Steve B
Storyteller: VST Kenneth Young

Character Information

Arthur Blackwell
Clan Ventrue
House Plantagenet

Sect Status


Neonate - Acknowledged
Whip - Noble
Harpy - Guardian


Favored by William Edric, Ventrue Primogen of Philadelphia
Loyal by Eirik Alexson, Brujah Prince of Philadelphia
Acclaimed by Elliot Martin, Malkavian Seneschal of Philadelphia

General Knowledge

Other Clans have remarked upon how "unusually" friendly he is for being a Ventrue. When it comes to dealing with mortals, he is amongst the first to volunteer. His talents and background lends itself to dealing with the Masquerade.


Arthur arrived in Philadelphia, June 2014. For those who ask, he claims to be from Chicago. As to other personal information, he has been very quiet about it.

In November 2014, Arthur was named as Whip by Primogen William Edric. In April 2015, Blackwell earned Edric's Favor. In July of 2015, following the investigation into the disappearance of Prince Abe Freeman, Blackwell was awarded Defender by Blu, Prince of Atlantic City.

September 2015, Arthur was appointed by Lucine Volage to serve as Talon.

December 2015, Arthur became Harpy.

Departure Rites

Arthur has “Departure Rites” for Pillar Clans who have moved on. (Players who retire their characters or have met Final Death.)

  • Brujah – sail a model ship with a replica weapon aboard across a body of water.
  • Gangrel – plant a tree indigenous to the area.
  • Malkavian – deliver a complex puzzle or riddle to a randomly selected doorstep with the promise of a reward.
  • Nosferatu – place a porcelain mask in a box and hiding it in the city’s underground/subway.
  • Toreador – donate valuable art (up to 5 resources) to a museum.
  • Tremere – donate a valuable book (up to 5 resources) to a library.
  • Ventrue – donate 5 resources to a Ventrue supported project.


Amusing Interactions

  • Gabriel: "Are you seriously buying this guy off with gold bars?!"
  • Arthur: "Yes...Is that a problem?"
  • Gabriel: " one will ever be surprised."
  • Arthur: "I know, right!"

OOC Info


"The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for and I hate very much to leave it." - For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway
Ken Cosgrove, Mad Men (easy going, artistic, salesman)
Doug Stamper, House of Cards (willingness to do anything in service for the Ivory Tower)


Kansas - Carry on Wayward Son

Journey – Don't Stop Believin'

"Movie Promo" Christmas 2015

Gabriel McNally, a hard-hitting, wise cracking, good guy Brujah. His partner, Arthur Blackwell, is a smooth talking, ludicrously wealthy Ventrue without a stick up his butt. Roaring through the streets of Philadelphia and occasionally Atlantic City, the Pork Chop Express always finds a party.

Together they: bust up human trafficking rings, burglarize businesses for lost books belonging to former Princes, sass crime lords then make them forget that even happened. They preserve the Masquerade and keep things clean with none to minimal collateral damage. For these often unsung heroes, no task is too small, no situation too absurd. If bribery doesn’t work, then throwing a guy out of the second story window is just as good.

Together, they are The Solution.

Coming to your Domain, the most hilarious buddy-cop Campires you’ve ever met.

Get. Ready. To. Party.