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Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
City: Los Angeles, CA
Player: Chris Hanafi
Storyteller: [mailto: ]

Character Information

Name: Arthur Roaldsen Curry.
Sir Knight Arthur Roaldsen Curry

Clan: Gangrel

Bloodline: None Known

Covenant: Invictus

House: House Skold

Status: Invictus 2

Notable Traits:

Title or Position:Sir Knight



Sire: Roald Stohl
Broodmates: None
Childer: None

Known Associates

Known Adversaries

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It is Complicated

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Words That Are Known

Known to Have Said

Sir Knight Arthur Roaldson Curry

Words Spoken Of

  • "He possesses the eyes of the First Estate. He is hungry for knowledge, which can be a blessing or a poison." - Alder Rowan Ragnardottar
  • "He will do well as an Unconquered. His obsessions are valid and his diligence is true." - Alder Lief Ragnarsen
  • "A willingness to serve and learn like none I have ever witnessed before, all which surrounds a valiant heart. I would see him go far indeed." - Sir Richter Rowansen
  • "A brave heart and a soft touch will go a long way in this lonely world..." - Miss Rakel Ragnardottar


  • Another Invictus member from outside House Skold attempted to poach Mister Arthur Curry. Within a month's time they were in torpor. There is no known connection to House Skold.
  • He once asked why Alder Minister Ragnar Soren wasn't his sire
  • He is becoming too ambitious for his own good.
  • Is in reality a Daeva who think he is a Gangrel wanting to be Daeva.
  • Is in reality one of Wilhelm Reinholdt childer, he's just not sneaky enough for Wilhelm to take credit.
  • Has plans to kill his sire.
  • ....

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OOC Information

Player: Chris Hanafi

MES Number: US2011087920

Location: Riverside, CA