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Member of: The Third Lantern Cell

Grandmaster of: The Gatekeepers

Accord Status: 3

Division Status: 4

Creature Type: Sin-Eater

Krewe: The Stygian Council

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Arthur is known for his excellent choice in attire and for his calm outward demeanor. He is often adorned with trinkets and baubles of all sorts. Most of these are either things he finds while traveling though the underworld or are anchors to ghosts he works with frequently as a Sin Eater.

He has taken on an advisory roll in his local Cell and splits his time mapping and recording the events of his Division, The Gatekeepers, with personal projects. He is known to have led many excursions into the Great Below and is thought by many to be one of the known experts in that area. He has held many positions within the Accord. He is currently the MP for Boston's Third Lantern Cell in Boston. Arthur joined the Accord in 2012


Arthur is one of the foremost students on the Dominions of the Underworld. His wide array of maps and guideposts make him an excellent guide through the maze they can be. A Cartographer by trade, Arthur went to college for map making archaeological dig sites. He has since broadened out his skill set to include the low places and beneath.



Known Friends

Known Enemies



From him...

  • "It's sort of like.. a nightmare that you are.. " He seems to be searching for words. "That you are half sure you are dreaming.. but you can't wake up.. and you can't get away.. and if only that person that you love would come and wake you. They are just in the other room.. and you.. you just want them to come in and shake you awake so you would be safe and OK.. and things would be better again." He nods.. "That is what the Underworld is like.. always."

About him...

  • "I've never known Arthur not to be a good man, concerned with the wellfare and wellbeing of others as well as implications of actions. I've heard some tell of...another...but I feel confident in saying that Arthur is someone I am proud to know." - Eric Barrett
  • "He's not complicated. It's always simple with him. And it's always right. Even when it shouldn't be." - Striker
  • "I will hear no shit about Granby. While the rest of us are dicking around playing Gears of War with Cthulhu, Granby is like. Odysseus. Destroying Trojans and tearing shit up down in the Underworld, for real. - F1R3W@LL
  • "I knew he was capable. It was confirmed when I saw him defeat Famine. He defeated a DEATHLORD! My confidence in him over the years has been proven to be well-founded." - Penelope
  • "People call me 'Old Man' all the time. If they only knew..." Silas Magnus
  • "Of all the things that have changed my life, especially since joining the Accord- I mean, he sorta kick started my crazy. Suddenly I'm actually on the front lines. I couldn't have been prouder than when we got him back from the Underworld. I just wish I could do more." - Pash Halaby
  • "Arthur is a good man in a struggle which drowns goodness in blood and burns it with fire. Yet, inside him is something else. And when it has drunk enough blood and been nurtured by that fire...then shall we see how awful goodness is." Setah-sefer
  • "He found me in pieces, he took the time to carefully pick them up and mend them. Now I let him keep them as my way of saying thank you and a sign of my fidelity for going out of his way to help someone he thought was interesting." - Leena
  • "There is something about him that I can't quite put my finger on. He fascinates me, and I find myself looking forward to our conversations. I trust him completely. Most people have to work for that, but with him, it just seems right." - Dea Tacita
  • "Most of my life I've walked a tightrope between the Devil and the deep blue sea. It's a kinship I feel with Arthur. Being a good man is only ever half the equation. There's always more to the story, secrets of his other half to unlock in the annals." - John Harkin
  • "Most curious. Of all those who found me from the Underworld, he is the least like a commando and yet most like... Well nevermind that." - 43
  • "He makes me think of Truman - the movie Truman, not the President. He's so genial and goofy and charming... and that's him... but it's also not him. Like he's always looking for something, and he doesn't know what it is or what it looks like, but he knows it's his self. I think that's why I wanna pinch his cheeks. Also, fruit." - Marianne Bennett
  • "I never expected to run into him again, well not him exactly, but HIM. Fortune is fickle, and I'm not sure which way the wheel will turn this time around" - Lilah
  • "what's that quote? 'Demons run when a good man goes to war'? yeah. He's a good man. And I know I don't want to be on his bad side." - Gerald Howls-with-Mirth Donnelly
  • "Arthur was - is - a good man. Wise, kind...and perhaps, in the end, that shall be his undoing. In war, one way or another, it is the kindest souls that suffer most." - Amalia Iliescu
  • "I've never even met the guy, but I see how dedicated everyone is to getting him back. Whoever he is, he has inspired a lot of people, and he's drawn quite the crowd to the frozen North. I hope we're successful in saving him. I hope they can put Humpty Dumpty back together again. I'm interested in seeing who he is." - Red Mudra
  • "I can't help but wonder what hish view of the world looks like. Eshpecially now, after everything. I haven't sseen him shince after the reshcue. To have endured all of that and to shtill pussh further forward and rebuild yourself only makess me reshpect him more than I already do. Perhapss one day we will meet again. But I ssuspect the part of hish life that I witnesshed before will now be taken over by shomething new and more presshing." - Icarus Sphere


  • He is unkillable
  • Is said to have maps of most of the known Dominions
  • Persephone watches over him due to an agreement they made in the Underworld
  • His Geist is one of the most ancient things in existence
  • He has a true love...and she is not insecure.
  • Has several long standing agreements with Death Lords of various stripe.
  • He is not what he once was yet still is.
  • He got a sword made of Black from Badger. On the condition that when he uses it to close a tear, he must yell "MATHMATICAL!"


Accord PC

Player: Tyler Brown
Creature Type: Sin Eater
Division: Gatekeepers
City: Boston
VST: Boston VST


Basic Timeline
dates are approximate

  • Travels to Turkey for graduates program August 2010
  • Becomes a Sin Eater in early 2011
  • Joins the Accord three months later
  • Class of 2012

Current Activities


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