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Character Basics

Notable Traits: Arthur Last has some fame as the host of a popular paranormal investigation podcast called The Last Word, where he investigates aliens, bigfoot, and other mysterious mysteries (Fame 1). Arthur is excitable and young looking, always meticulously well groomed, as though he has just come from makeup (Doll Face). His fashion sense changes rapidly from night to night, but his clothing is almost always flashy and attention grabbing. He appears to be fairly young (BP2). He is almost always upbeat and optimistic, though his cheerfulness often seems hollow and "catchphrase-y" and his smile seems oddly fixed and hollow, like the artificial smile of a news anchor. He is a voracious consumer of modern media, and very up to date on the latest trends. Arthur is openly and proudly a member of the Players bloodline and will not miss any opportunity to lecture you about the greatness of his lineage. In December of 2016, Arthur apparently lost a lot of humanity in a very short span of time (dropped from 8 to 4). Information about Arthur Last is incredibly easy to find as he maintains a very active social media presence.



Meyers-Briggs: ENTP

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Mac or PC: Mac

Political Affiliation: Democrat

Nationality: Latvian-American

Favorite Movie: Wizard of Oz

ArthurLast.jpg large.jpg

Information Known by The Ordo Dracul

School of Methodology:Mesmerism and Parapsychology

Transcendantal Camp:Angelics

He is a known teacher of Coil of the Soul and Spoiling though he seems to have neglected more basic areas of study for his unusual specializations.

Ordo Titles: Dedicated Supplicant of the Void, Unchained

"How Arthur Views Progress in Kindred Society:""


"Don't be afraid to make a mistake!"-Arthur Last

"Teamwork makes the dream work" -Arthur Last

"If you can dream it you can do it!" -Arthur Last

"Fake it till you make it!" -Arthur Last

"Turn that frizown upside-dizzity"-Arthur Last

"I fucking love that Vampire."-Martin Weir

'"Hey man, what's with the cape?" Ryan O'Connell

'"Dude you have to, when are you ever gonna have another chance to ride an ostrich?" - John Vimes

Known Associates

  • Alexandria Webb- He's been seen pestering her from time to time
  • Adah Salvatore- They share an interest in iphone games
  • Peter Graham- They share an interest in spooky ordo stuff
  • Yosef Ben-Israel Arthur claims they are "Buddies"
  • Elias Freeman-Arthur follows the sheriff around on a regular basis
  • White Spider-They seem to know each other from "back in the day"
  • Daniel M Hunter Another old friend from the past
  • Augustino SanGiovanni Another old friend from the past
  • Marcos Jeringa Former mentor in the Ordo Dracul
  • Olga Krasnova Finally, someone who appreciates pop culture!
  • Daniel Lyons Bounce House Buddies
  • House Last
  • W@tch3r High humanity and a knack for technology are the only things these two seem to have in common... and yet they spend so much time together...
  • Martin Weir A Changeling who convinced Arthur to get a Werewolf an ostrich as a gift.
  • John Vimes A Changeling who tried to convince Arthur to ride the ostrich first. Now an avid follower.
  • CalliopeKidlet
  • He's like if coffee and nightmares had a baby
  • Feel Free to add your character if we know each other.

Known Family:

Claims to be the grandchilde of Count Yanosh Maldor, to the general exasperation of anyone who knows who that is. Has occasionally claimed that Greta Garbo and Max Shreck, and Sia are broodmates of his. He claims he has somewhere between 15-20 childer, but has no idea how many of them are still alive since he introduced none of them to kindred society at large and tends to keep them focused on pursuing mortal fame.

Has sired four childer of note (in order of age): Steve Last, Athenodora Eudoxia Last, Mark Last, and Calliope

(See Also: House Last)


  • To the horror of many, it seems he has diablarized his own sense of shame.
  • He's got 50,000 followers on twitter
  • He regularly updates his instagram page with pictures of himself walking around in the sun.
  • Is actually thousands of years old.
  • The reason he appears and acts so human is because he is one, he's a hunter who has found a way to fake having a Blood Potency.
  • Is actually a daeva.
  • Owes a boon for a near breech of the Masquerade in San Juan a few years back.
  • Is actually a nosferatu
  • His sire was like, super famous
  • He is Verbal Wildfire!!
  • Arthur Last is Keyser Söze
  • Arthur Last is Luke Skywalkers Father
  • Arthur Last is the Yellow Brick Road
  • Arthur Last is All of the original Power Rangers
  • Arthur Last is a vampire inside a vampire, wrapped in a vampire pretending to be a vampire. Vampception.
  • Has been seen in Chicago, Ames, Detroit, and Tuscon lately. Rumours abound that he embraced his own twin brother.
  • With all the people he is embracing recently, he may be harboring ambitions of forming a House, possibly called Last House (on the left)
  • Although he may as well just go with... Last House (on the left)
  • Or maybe ArthurLastPlayerhouse.jpg
  • Has a ghouled kitten with enough vigor to rip a mans arm off
  • Is a Huge fan of T Swift
    • He stays out too late, got nothing on his brain (that's what people say)
      • cause The Players gotta play play play play play...
    • So he's gonna be forever, or he's gonna go down in flames
      • Cause darling he's a nightmare dressed like a daydream
        • Cause you know he loves the Players And you love the game
    • He's cheer captain and you're on the bleachers
  • Has a ghouled sasquatch


  • May 12th, 1924: Andris Lukovs is born in New Jersey, the only child of Juris Lukovs and Emily Lukovs (née, Murphy). Emily was a widowed shopkeeper, Juris was a Latvian immigrant and former Tsarist soldier.
  • 1930: Andris and his parents relocate to Los Angeles, where his father Juris finds work as hired muscle for organized crime elements in the city.
  • 1935: Juris Lukovs is killed in a gang war, Emily Lukovs becomes the mistress (and eventually wife) of a successful movie producer
  • 1936: Andris (or "Andy" as he is generally known at that time) is adopted as a sort of mascot by his fathers old organized crime associates, and is taught some of the tricks of the trade
  • 1937: Emily Lukovs, in an effort to keep her son away from the life of crime that caused his fathers death, convinces her new husband to give him a job as a "gopher" at a movie studio
  • 1940: As a teenager, Andy works as an unofficial go between for the studio and organized crime, providing actors access to small amounts of drugs and smut.
  • 1942: Andy Lukovs becomes a staff photographer for Stars and Stripes, and spends the war far from the front lines. He becomes addicted to morphine and blackmails a medic into stealing him supplies.
  • 1945: Andy returns from the war and begins a job as a celebrity photographer for an LA scandal magazine
  • 1948: Andy notices a blurred figure in many of his photographs, one that is apparently stalking the same celebrities.
  • 1950: Andy investigates the figure in depth and discovers that it is in fact a vampire.
  • 1951: Andy learns more from his vampire acquaintance, a member of the players bloodline. Andy becomes obsessed with the idea of becoming immortal himself.
  • May 12th, 1951: After throwing himself an expensive and debauched birthday party, Andy intentionally overdoses on heroin in an effort to force his sire into giving him the embrace. His plan succeeds, but Andy is soon left to his own devices.
  • The 1950s: The first decade Andy spends as a kindred is spent growing his web of influence over mortal celebrities, but he is eventually forced to leave the city due to his flippant attitude towards the masquerade
  • 1960s:Andy is taken under the protection of Augustino SanGiovanni and is not seen for many years.
  • 1980s: Resurfacing in kindred society, he immediately takes up residence in Chicago where he barely interacts with kindred society and occupies himself chasing influence over mortal celebrities, though this time with a bit more caution
  • 1992: Andy leaves Chicago and begins aggressively seeking membership in the Ordo Dracul. He spends the rest of the decade travelling from chapter house to chapter house, making a pest of himself and trying to find a mentor who will accept him, but is frequently rebuffed due to his lineage and his shallow, petty priorities.
  • 2001 Andy finally finds a mentor in the Ordo Dracul in the Des Moines, a daeva who called himself Marcos Jeringa. The two hit the road and it is around this time that Andy begins to manifest the proficiency with Majesty that is characteristic of his sires bloodline, The Players.
  • 2002- After relocating to Detroit, and Andy Lukovs is not seen publicly for years, though he keeps up an email correspondence with several of his old associates.
  • 2008- A kindred calling himself Arthur Last emerges in Detroit, and the many associates of Andy Lukovs receive an email announcing that he has changed his name and adopted a new identity to better interact with the mortal world.
  • 2010 Arthur Last moves to San Juan, where he immediately makes an ass of himself at a public gathering
  • 2011 Arthur Last establishes a security business, called "Last Defense"
  • 2012 Embraces Calìope Last after a Mayan Apocalypse party
  • 2013 "Last Defense" thrives as local businesses seek protection against the growing crime wave in the city. Arthur Last begins showing up more frequently to Elysium and begins assisting the sheriff in his investigations.
  • 2014 Arthur begins focusing more on clan matters and family, declaring the establishment of House Last, and gaining a position as mekhet Whip in San Juan
  • 2015 Arthur gains Fame as the host of a paranormal themed podcast called The Last Word
  • 2016 At the start of 2016 Arthur has dropped rapidly in humanity (from 8 to 4)



Jack Vincennes- LA Confidential

Jean-Ralphio Saperstein- Parks and Rec

Petyr Baelish


California Dreaming

Accentuate the Positive, Johnny Mercer

Paparazzi, Lady Gaga

Guilty Pleasure, Cobra Starship (now available in spanish!)

Prostitution Is The World's Oldest Profession (And I Dear Madame Am Professional), Cobra Starship

Change the World, One Party At A Time,

Lost Kitten, Metric

TMZ, Weird Al

Aliens Exist, Blink 182

OOC Information

Player Name Patrick Reynolds
MES Number US2007091049

Character Information
Clan: Mekhet •••
City: Detroit, MI
Player: Patrick Reynolds
Storyteller: DMH Requiem VST